3 Tasks Commercial Real Estate Owners Should be Automating

Automation is changing the way commercial real estate owners are managing their businesses – and saving them an average of $55,000 a year. Isn’t it time you got in on the action? 

In this webinar, learn how
cloud automation can help you:

  • Tighten up inefficiencies, reduce liability, and get a global view of your business
  • Avoid common manual entry mistakes that cost time and money
  • Capitalize on new revenue opportunities from up-to-date, accurate data 
  • Deliver measurable results that go directly to growing your bottom line

About the Speaker

Jeri Frank is the Co-founder and CEO of STRATAFOLIO, an online software solution designed to help commercial real estate owners optimize their real estate portfolio management.

As a commercial real estate owner, Jeri recognized the need for an intuitive  software in this underserved market. These days, she helps commercial real estate owners manage their portfolios to their full potential.