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Tenant Payment Integration (ACH) in STRATAFOLIO

STRATAFOLIO now allows Expedited ACH for both autopay and one-time payments, which gets you paid faster! (As long as your bank supports it. If not, payments will be processed as Regular ACH.)

How to get started

Once your landlord/property owner completes their set-up process, you will be invited to the Tenant Portal to set up your ACH Payments. For our US-based customers, the Tenant payment option allows ACH payments to be made on a one-time or recurring bases.

Note: Your landlord/owner must generate an invoice before you can initiate a payment.

Payment Account Types

You will have the option to set up your account as Standard or Premium, which will affect the payment limit for your ACH account.

Standard – This account type allows you to make payments of up to $50,000 (including applicable fees) per month (rolling 30 days). During the set-up process, you must provide your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address to create this account type. Please note that in order to make payments exceeding $50,000 within a 30-day period, including fees, you will need to upgrade to our Premium plan. The good news is that there is no extra cost for this plan. It only requires you to provide a bit more information than the standard plan.

Premium – This account type allows you to make payments of up to $100,000 per transaction (including applicable fees). The required information varies based on the Business Type you have. Details are provided in the table below.

Account TypeMax Payment LimitBusiness TypesInformation Required
Per Month
First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.
Per Transaction
PersonalIn addition to the information required for the Standard Customer Type, you will be required to provide Your Date of Birth and the Last 4 Digits of Your SSN.
Per Transaction
Sole ProprietorshipIn addition to what is required for a Premium Personal Account, you will be required to provide Your Business Name, Industry Classification, Business Location, and Business EIN.
Per Transaction
Corporation, LLC, and PartnershipIn addition to what is required for a Sole Proprietorship account, you will be required to provide information on the Account Admin and Controller.

For additional support during the process, read Document Verification Best Practices:

1. Accept Invitation to Your Tenant Portal

You have 24 hours from when your landlord/owner invites you to your tenant portal to accept the invitation. You will receive an invitation via email from STRATAFOLIO. This is what your portal will look like when you first log in:

2. Complete ACH Payment Setup

First, you will complete the ACH Payment Setup. To do this, click on the ACH Payment Setup tab, and click Set Up ACH Account.

Fill out the requested information. Read the terms and conditions, and click the box and Agree and Continue button to continue.

3. Add a Bank Account

The next step is to add a bank account. STRATAFOLIO uses Plaid to make the setup safe. Click Add a Bank Account button and complete the steps as follows:

*Note: you can find the Add a Bank Account button in two different locations. From the ACH Payment setup tab and from inside the payment integration in the Bank Account tab.

warning-icon.png Warning: When searching for your lending institution, it is important to ensure you select the correct link. Many institutions have separate links for personal and business accounts. If you select the personal account link instead of the business account link, the bank may reject your account. It is important to double-check before proceeding to avoid delays in the setup process.

If you cannot find your lending institution on the list or through the search function, you can still link it manually using your account numbers.

To add the accounts manually, you’ll need to:

  • Provide the account number, routing number, and the first and last name of the account holder listed on the account you’ll be using.
  • After you verify and approve your account numbers, you’ll receive two micro-deposits of $0.99 or less in the provided account within a few days. It is crucial to verify your account promptly since the system will automatically remove the micro-deposits if the account is not verified within a few days.
  • Once you receive the micro-deposits, you must return to STRATAFOLIO to verify your account. There, you will need to enter the two deposit amounts. If the amounts match, your account will be verified and activated.

If you set up your bank account correctly, it will look similar to the image below:

If your transactions will be $50,000 (including applicable fees) or less, then you can skip the next step, Verify Your Account.

4. Verify Your Account

If your payment is between $50,000 and $100,000 (including fees), you will be required to verify your account.

Click on the Unverified button to begin the verification process.

Then, click Verify:

Complete the requested information.

5. Selecting Payment Type- Autopay or One-Time Payment

To setup AUTOPAY, select the + Autopay button on the Leases tab.

Next, enter the date, withdrawal day, bank account and amount.

To setup a ONE-TIME PAYMENT, select the + Make Payment button on the Leases tab.

Follow the steps to set up a one-time payment.

You can see a historical view of all your one-time payments on the One-Time Payments tab.