Why we do this?

We are tired of systems that don't talk to each other.
Most investors are tired of this too.

  • 30% of real estate investors rely only on spreadsheets such as Excel
  • 48% of real estate investors use disconnected Property Management and Accounting systems
  • Only 22% of real estate investors use integrated systems leaving 78% needing a solution

Current Situation

Need Solution

How We Do It!

STRATAFOLIO aggregates your real estate data from your financial and property management systems into a single dashboard.
Understand the story your data is telling you to make fast data-driven decisions.

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What We Do!


Understand the story your data is telling you to quickly take action and grow.


Real-time operational and financial data for data-driven decision making.


Quickly see which investment strategy is working best.


Rapidly integrate your data from your property management and accounting system.


Set up alerts to proactively manage your portfolio.

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Mobile-friendly access to your data with a monthly or annual subscription plan.

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