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Why we do what we do?

As commercial real estate investors, we have to deal with disconnected systems that do not talk to one another. This makes it difficult and time-consuming to compile, see, and understand the big picture of the assets we own.

  • 30% of all global investors rely only on spreadsheets such as Excel
  • 48% of all global investors use siloed Property Management and Accounting systems
  • Only 22% of all global investors use integrated systems leaving 78% needing a solution


Need Solution

How We Do It!

STRATAFOLIO aggregates all your commercial real estate data into an intuitively designed dashboard allowing you to quickly see and understand the big picture, benchmark new goals, and make fast data-driven decisions.
Don’t wait until the next economic downturn to make a change.

What We Do!


Gain the ability to analyze your real estate portfolio from the highest level to the smallest component no matter what your asset type.


See your key operational and financial metrics without spending hours or days compiling information. Real-time data for data-driven decision-making. 


Quickly knowing what investment strategy is working well is just as important as understanding which one is not.


Integrate your data into STRATAFOLIO with ease. Upload data from your existing property management and accounting system.


Get the right alerts. Know when mortgages or leases are expiring or rent changes are coming so you can be more proactive.

Access Anywhere

Be more effective and access your vital real estate business information anytime, from anywhere through our mobile-friendly website.

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