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STRATAFOLIO is an online software solution designed specifically for people who own or manage real estate, use QuickBooks, and want to streamline their operations to save time, improve profits, and reduce manual work.

We help you with:

Cash flow management

Debt management

File management

Lease management

Investor management

Work order management

CAM Management

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STRATAFOLIO works with real estate businesses in 5 areas to assist with all aspects of portfolio management.
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Released – Work Order Management
Released – Maintenance Login
Released – CAM Reconciliation
Released – Investor/Partner Login

Manage and Track Your CAM Expenses

Stop losing money and stressing over CAM reconciliation every year. Track your taxes, insurance, and CAM expenses to know exactly how much you have incurred in expenses throughout the year. With STRATAFOLIO you will know if you need to tighten up on an expense category or ramp up your spending.

NEW - Export your reconciliation report with ease!

Proactively Manage Lease Escalations

Manage, track, and get alerts for your lease escalations, all in one place, so you know exactly when each and every increase goes into effect.

See Your Loans in One Spot

Have one complete global view of your debt, including metrics like LTV, DCR, LTC. Know which loans are maturing next or isolate to a single company to analyze.

NEW - Add notes to each loan, track if a loan is Recourse or not, and if it has early payment penalties.

Automate Your Cash Flow

View your cash flow across your entire organization without any manual intervention and have the ability to see your cash flow over different time periods in an interactive way.

Aggregated Data and Drill Down Functionality

See all your combined real estate company financials in one location, and at the same time, have the ability to drill down to a single company or asset giving you the insights you need to manage your business quickly and efficiently.

Alerts and Reminders

Receive alerts and reminders when lease escalations are due or loans are coming up for renewal allowing you to stay in control of your fast-moving business. 

NEW - Loan covenant alerts for occupancy rate, debt coverage ratio rate (DCR), and Loan-to-Value rate (LTV).

Tools to Help with Investor Management

Track all your real estate partners/investors in a single place. Track how their investments are performing, as well as their portion of the equity and debt, making it easy to answer questions anytime.

Connect to Your Existing Systems

It is the age of automation! No more duplicate data entry. Connect your QuickBooks Desktop or Online Accounts once, and your STRATAFOLIO data will always be up to date with your QuickBooks. More accounting software integrations coming soon.

And More!

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1. We provide you full service on-boarding.
2. We connect to your QuickBooks accounts.
3. You have access and visibility like never before.

Entry level pricing starting at $85 a month with an annual subscription. View Pricing.

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