For every $1 companies spend on analytics, they average $9 in returns

Save Money


Gain efficiency with employee work hours

Lease Escalations

Have your lease escalations on time every time and don't miss critical revenue growth


Fast and accurate reporting to lenders resulting in lower interest rates

Profit Margins

React to negative expense trends quickly and protect your profit margins

CAM Management

Improper CAM expenses management cuts into ROI and impacts long term property improvements

Document Management

No more wasted hours looking for documents in paper files, thumb drives, or shared drives

Save Time


Reduce time spent manually updating spreadsheets and redirect your attention to business strategies

Improved Lending

Enjoy faster loan processing with accurate reporting to lenders because your data is just a click away

CAM Reconciliation

Experience an 80% reduction in time spent on CAM reconciliation

Financial Statements

Pull your personal financial statement together in minutes


Standardized data and organization of information for your company results in improved communication among the team


Have STRATAFOLIO do the heavy lifting for you by automating your processes

How Much Can You Save?

Hear it from our Customers

STRATAFOLIO has been a true partner working with both me and our team. They have implemented features that save hundreds of hours of work and as a result, makes my team here much more efficient. Having the ability to have one clear picture of all my real estate holdings, financial insights, investor relations, and real-time data in one spot, is invaluable.

Brent Dahlstrom

Brent Dahlstrom

Real Estate Developer and Owner

The best part of using STRATAFOLIO is that all the information I could need is easily accessible in a super user friendly way. As an accountant, I use STRATAFOLIO to monitor various entity loan ratios and cash flow. The platform takes data and puts them into a pretty little picture so I can easily explain the information to the CEO, investment partners, and third party stakeholders.


Cat Potter

Assistant Controller

I love QuickBooks but it doesn't help me with managing my leases or managing my loans, or even with putting my global together for lenders. STRATAFOLIO does all of that for me! I have already spotted a number of issues that were costing me money - like a lease bump I missed. My lenders love it too because I can send them information in just seconds! It is a must have for RE owners.




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