About Us



Our vision is to empower leaders in the real estate community with intuitive tools to harness better insights from their data—enabling growth by taking smarter risks.


We take an iterative human-centered approach to making software that matches the way the industry needs to be, not just following the way that it has been. Our work involves a deep understanding of the people and systems in place. We look for opportunities for system improvements based on customer motivations, behaviors, and interactions.


The concept for a portfolio management product was borne out of our own needs as real estate investors. We relied on spreadsheets to tell our portfolio story, just like many investors. Compiling the data was time-consuming, and as a result was often not done. The data was prone to errors and almost immediately outdated. Yet, nearly 80% of real estate investors still rely on spreadsheets to make significant business decisions. We don’t think you need to operate in the dark or change out your software.

STRATAFOLIO is focused on creating a product for investors that provides them with the confidence they are making the right expansion plans or the right strategic cost reductions. We understand the desire to make every dollar go as far as possible.


We are a website created by real estate investors for real estate investors. Here at STRATAFOLIO, it's all about living our passion for analytics, real estate, efficiency, automation, and simplicity. We share the same experiences that you do with limited time, wanting to get the best returns on our real estate investments, and wanting to learn more every day. These experiences push us to make the best system and tools available for both new and experienced real estate investors.

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