About Us

STRATAFOLIO is a team of skilled leaders that believe in listening and learning from our customers so we can provide a solution that directly addresses challenges within the commercial real estate space.

Who We Are

STRATAFOLIO was founded by Jeri Frank and Uriel Barillas who set out on a mission to make analytics and automation software available to commercial real estate owners regardless of the size of their operation. They recognized the struggle many real estate companies experienced who only have access to ineffective spreadsheets and tools. 

The real estate industry is a relationship business, and that’s why STRATAFOLIO is here to be your partner and help you grow. Beginning with full-service onboarding with a dedicated team of professionals, to being your strategic partner as your portfolio beings to expand, STRATAFOLIO will be there every step of the way.

By providing you with enterprise-quality tools at an affordable price, we can help you streamline your assets, finances, investor relationships and operations and set you up for success.

Our Founders

STRATAFOLIO began with a need to be able to provide great, easy to use, reliable and affordable analytics tools to people that own, manage or lease commercial real estate. As real estate owners, our founders quickly recognized the time wasted on inefficient manual activities and the opportunities that were lost by not having the proper analytics tools in place.

STRATAFOLIO continues to grow by surrounding ourselves with a talented team of individuals, and by listening and learning directly from our customers. As a result, many of the product features were developed after conversations with our customers where they shared their struggles and the impact of those struggles on their business. For us, this process will never stop – we will continue to listen, learn, and improve. There is always more to learn and more ways to help our customers be more productive and profitable.

Jeri Frank

Co-founder and CEO

Uriel Barillas

Co-founder and CTO


Our mission is to be the #1 provider of commercial real estate property management software for small-to-midsize commercial real estate owners.

Our Beliefs

STRATAFOLIO is more than a product or service. It’s a new way of seeing your business.
These core principles guide our daily actions.


We believe data is best when served in real-time


We believe in providing solutions not features


Take back your day by automating redundant tasks


We believe complacency is the enemy of excellence

A Story

We believe your data has a story to tell, and we help you understand it


We believe now is the time to change the real estate industry for the better


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