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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How secure is STRATAFOLIO?

    At STRATAFOLIO, we make security one of our top priorities. That is one of the many reasons why we chose Microsoft Azure as our hosting provider. We gained many security benefits that come with the Azure infrastructure on our hardware and software. We have also gone above and beyond what is required in the industry to ensure your data is secure.

    When you join STRATAFOLIO, you get:

    • All your data is encrypted with a 256-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.
    • Your sensitive data and uploaded documents are encrypted at rest as an added layer of security.
    • We require a 12-character password containing at least 1 number, one non-letter or number, one lower case letter, and one upper case letter.
    • We also hash all stored passwords, so even if anyone would obtain that information, those passwords would be hashed, so no one would be able to read them. When a password is hashed, it’s turned into a scrambled representation of itself, making it mathematically impossible to recover the original password.
    • We implemented measures to protect against brute-force attacks by blocking someone for 30 minutes after they had six failed login attempts.
    • We implemented measures to protect against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). This prevents users from sending malicious code, generally in a browser side script to a different end-user.
    • We also implemented measures to prevent against Cross-Site Request Forgery (XSRF/CSRF) attacks. These types of attacks would force an end-user to execute unwanted actions on a web application in which they’re currently authenticated.
    • We have a rigorous annual security audit that entails penetration testing and security best practices along with Intuit security requirements.
    • We have a firewall strictly limiting access to the database.
    • The only way a user can access STRATAFOLIO is if a STRATAFOLIO authorized user invites another user from within an existing organization. An admin can revoke login access for a user at any time.
    • For your security, STRATAFOLIO doesn’t cache sensitive information.
    • STRATAFOLIO uses servers and data centers that have been certified to industry standards. Certifications include ISO 27001 (data security), ISO 27017 (cloud application security controls), and ISO 27018 (protection of data in the cloud).
    • Your data is continuously backed up and retained for 35 days, to guard against accidental deletion.
    • STRATAFOLIO uses Geo-Replication. Meaning, if our servers in our primary region go down, we immediately switch to a backup region. As a result, you can expect no interruptions in our services.
  • Is STRATAFOLIO a desktop or web-based application?

    STRATAFOLIO is an online web-based, secure, mobile-friendly software application service made for people who own, manage or lease real estate and use QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop as their accounting software.

  • Does STRATAFOLIO integrate with QuickBooks Online?

    Yes. STRATAFOLIO has a seamless two-way integration with QuickBooks Online. When you use STRATAFOLIO to manage your commercial real estate along with QuickBooks Online, you get full automation, resulting in one easy-to-use, fully integrated property management and accounting solution. On average, customers using QuickBooks Online and STRATAFOLIO save over 80% of manual effort.

  • What is CAM Reconciliation?

    The exact repairs and maintenance costs are difficult to calculate ahead of time. Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges are estimated at the beginning of the year and divided into monthly payments for each tenant. Actual CAM charges are calculated at year-end—if the total is more than the tenant paid, the tenant pays the difference. If the total is less, the landlord is responsible for reimbursing the tenant for the difference. 

  • What does Common Area Maintenance (CAM) cover?

    CAM charges cover the cost of maintaining or repairing common areas shared by commercial tenants. This may include:

    • Costs of cleaning lobbies, bathrooms, elevators, etc.
    • Landscaping
    • Snow removal
    • Parking lot repairs and maintenance
    • Security systems
    • Trash pickup
    • Other repairs, maintenance, or janitorial needs in common areas
  • What is the typical CAM reconciliation process?

    The CAM reconciliation process starts with identifying the costs associated with your common area maintenance and separating overhead costs from your recovery costs. For example, utility expenses are an overhead expense. While the tenant isn’t responsible for covering the costs directly, the owner/manager should be reimbursed or able to recover those specific expenses from the tenant.

    STRATAFOLIO connects to QuickBooks to map your expenses and see how each reimbursable expense tracks against every tenant’s actual expenses. When it’s time to do CAM reconciliations at the end of the year, you can quickly and easily pull a report and share it with your client to recover expenses.

  • Is STRATAFOLIO a desktop or web-based application?

    STRATAFOLIO is an online web-based, secure, mobile-friendly software application service made for people who own, manage or lease real estate and use QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop as their accounting software.

  • Can someone help me get started?

    Yes! We know you are a busy professional growing your business, and STRATAFOLIO is here to help you get started. We work with your team to gather all the necessary information, load your data, and train and complete a final audit with your team. This is part of our onboarding process.

  • Is there a charge for the onboarding?

    Yes, there is a one-time onboarding fee that is based on the size of your organization and the amount of data that will be set up in your account. Contact us for more information to schedule a free demo and evaluation.

  • Is there a license fee per user?

    No, in fact, we believe providing access to all your key team members (internally or externally) provides visibility to help unify and synchronize your entire team and organization.

  • Do I need to have QuickBooks to use STRATAFOLIO?

    Yes. STRATAFOLIO currently integrates with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. If you have another integration from another accounting system you would like us to consider, please send us an email so we can add you to our waiting list of future integrations.

  • I have QBD for Mac. Can I use STRATAFOLIO?

    No, unfortunately, QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) for Mac does not support Web Connector. This makes it incompatible with STRATAFOLIO because we use Web Connector to synchronize the data between QBD and STRATAFOLIO.

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