3 Ways STRATAFOLIO Helps You Scale Your Growth

If you’re involved in commercial real estate, you’ve probably noticed how much technology is changing the industry. Real estate owners and property managers have begun to embrace solutions that help them work more quickly and efficiently. But even today, many commercial real estate owners still rely on file cabinets and Excel spreadsheets to stay organized. Here’s how STRATAFOLIO helps you stay afloat in a world where competitors are increasingly getting leaner and more efficient.

1. STRATAFOLIO makes collaboration and organization easy.

Firstly, when you use STRATAFOLIO to manage your commercial real estate company, you’ll have a centralized location for all your files. No need for paper files, external drives or other storage methods. Not only does that help with organization, but it helps you to have everything shareable and accessible. STRATAFOLIO offers unlimited users and you can assign everyone the appropriate level of access to files and data.

Instead of tracking down information that’s written on post-it notes, white boards or spreadsheets, you and your team can find it in the cloud anytime, anywhere. With built-in tools to help you share with investors and lenders, STRATAFOLIO can help you close deals and resolve issues more quickly.   

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By using QuickBooks Online, you will save time and money! And, by using QuickBooks Online in combination with STRATAFOLIO to manage your real estate, you will save even more!

2. It empowers you to spend time on what matters the most.

If you’re trying to scale your business, you don’t want to spend a lot of time on manual or repetitive tasks. STRATAFOLIO can help you automate time-consuming tasks. These may include CAM reconciliation, invoicing, lease escalations, ACH payments, and maintenance requests.

Additionally, it can send you automatic updates and give you peace of mind that you’re not missing anything important. Consequently, you and your team will have more bandwidth to focus on pushing deals forward.

3. You’ll have access to data that helps you make better decisions for growth. 

To scale your business, you need to know what’s working for you and what isn’t. You frequently need to make decisions that will impact the future of your company. That requires gathering and analyzing data. STRATAFOLIO connects directly to QuickBooks.

It gives you tools to view your entire real estate portfolio finances, spot trends and patterns in your data, manage your assets comprehensively and more. With STRATAFOLIO, you have valuable information to help you make important decisions at a moment’s notice. To learn more about how we can help your CRE business succeed, schedule a free 1:1 demo today! 

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3 Ways STRATAFOLIO Helps You Scale Your Growth
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3 Ways STRATAFOLIO Helps You Scale Your Growth
STRATAFOLIO commercial real estate software was designed to streamline operations for commercial real estate professionals. Read on to learn how!
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