Advantages of Integrated Property Management and Accounting Software

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STRATAFOLIO is a commercial property management software that integrates fully with QuickBooks, providing all the tools you need for property management and accounting in one place. Here are the advantages of using integrated software as opposed to separate software systems for running your commercial real estate business. 

What are some benefits of using an integrated PM and accounting software?

Increase Growth and Scalability

No matter the size of your business, you need to be able to adapt to any situation and scale as needed. If you’re in commercial property management, this may mean acquiring a new building and adding more units to your portfolio. Or it may mean growing your team of employees. Unlike the inflexible business management systems of yesteryear, today’s systems can make your workplace run more efficiently. Integrated management software like STRATAFOLIO and QuickBooks allows you to add more units to your managed properties in just one click, or enable access for more employees as your team grows.

Insights into Business Performance

Using separate software systems for your business may not provide you with the full picture of how your business operates. When you have integrated property management and accounting software, you can see your business’s data all in one place. Any data entered in your software will go across all the other platforms without needing to re-enter it. An integrated software system lowers the risk of duplicating information and making mistakes. 

Integrated software will keep your financial accounts up to date as well as tenant, employee, and other data. Managing your finances is easier and will ensure you are following local laws and regulations.

QuickBooks-logo.pngWe are excited to share we have a new opportunity to offer QuickBooks Online at a discount for USA and Canadian residents.

By using QuickBooks Online, you will save time and money! And, by using QuickBooks Online in combination with STRATAFOLIO to manage your real estate, you will save even more!

Save Money and Time

Automating tasks can save you time and decrease the likelihood of making mistakes or creating discrepancies across different software. You can save a significant amount of time using integrated software systems.

You won’t be wasting time or money by fixing inaccurate documentation or chasing down forgotten payments. Any changes to data or payments in your integrated system will be changed across other systems. Your automated business will make it easier for employees to be productive and not have to worry about tedious tasks.

Increases Communication with Employees/Tenants

Integrated systems can help streamline communication for employees and tenants. Tenants will be able to see the current rent payment and put in requests for maintenance more easily. Property managers will have an easier time hiring a repair company to come and look at the problem with a faster communication system. An excellent integrated software system will increase employee communication and collaboration with projects. Employees can access the same data to work on without having to share the new changes constantly. 

Choose an Efficient Software

STRATAFOLIO works seamlessly with your existing QuickBooks software. It’s easy to set up and import the data from your QuickBooks accounting software. Schedule a 1:1 demo to see how STRATAFOLIO can make property management easier!  


Imagine doing CAM in seconds vs. weeks or months! Watch this video and schedule your 1:1 demo!

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Advantages of Integrated Property Management and Accounting Software
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Advantages of Integrated Property Management and Accounting Software
Discover the benefits of integrating your accounting system with your property management system. Simplify your operations with STRATAFOLIO.
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