Best Way to Clean a Vacant Space to Prevent the Spread of COVID

Cleaning after a tenant moves out is an essential part of property management. But it’s now more important than ever because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By cleaning and disinfecting every surface of your rental units, you’ll be protecting yourself and your tenants. 

Right now, you should be double-checking with your cleaning service that they are taking all the proper precautions and cleaning thoroughly. Here are some tips for how to clean newly-vacant spaces during the pandemic. Also, refer to the guidelines as established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Protect Yourself Before Cleaning

Hopefully, you’re already washing your hands frequently whether you’re at home, at work, or in public. But you should always be sure to wash them thoroughly before and after the cleaning process. When cleaning, your top priority is getting all the germs and potential viruses out of the space. Also remember that you’re at risk while cleaning. Wear the proper protective gear, including disposable gloves, a mask, and a gown or apron.

Make sure you have the area vented by opening a window or door to increase area circulation. While you clean, avoid touching your face and your phone. Once you’re finished cleaning, properly dispose of all your protective gear.

Make Sure to Use the Right Cleaning Products

What cleaning products are you using? It may be a good idea to double-check that they will kill viruses and bacteria. The most effective products will contain at least 70% alcohol. Cleaning should be a two-step process. First, you need to actually clean your surfaces to rid them of germs and dirt, then follow up with a round of disinfecting to kill the germs. It takes extra time, but it’s worth it!

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Clean Your Cleaning Supplies

Some of the items we most frequently forget to clean are our cleaning supplies themselves. You should wash all the canisters that hold your disinfecting solutions and wipes. Empty your vacuum cleaner after each use and disinfect the inside of the canister. You may even be able to put parts of your vacuum cleaner in the dishwasher.

If you use disposable items like paper towels and disinfecting wipes, make sure you take the trash out right away. Wash any reusable products like washcloths on the highest heat setting. You should also wipe down any laundry baskets that dirty washcloths might come into contact with. 

Let New Tenants Know That Their Space Has Been Disinfected for COVID

Tenants can tell if an apartment has not been cleaned, but they don’t necessarily know if you’ve taken the time to disinfect. This is why you should inform your tenants that you’ve gone out of your way to ensure the place is clean. This will give them the extra peace of mind that they need when moving into a new place during this stressful, uncertain time. 

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Best Way to Clean a Vacant Space to Prevent the Spread of COVID
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Best Way to Clean a Vacant Space to Prevent the Spread of COVID
As tenants vacate a space, it is important to thoroughly clean to prevent any additional spread of the coronavirus - COVID-19. Here are some helpful tips.
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