How to connect STRATAFOLIO to QuickBooks Online


  1. Log back into STRATAFOLIO.
  2. Go to your Organization’s detail view by expanding the Hierarchy menu, clicking on the Organizations link and clicking on the Organization Name. Then, click on the Integrations tab, and click on the Add An Integration button.
  1. Select the QuickBooks Online integration option.
  1. Select the Company File Entity from the dropdown, and click on the Proceed to Setup button.
  1. If you are not logged into QuickBooks Online, log in now. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.
  1. Under the Setup tab, click the Connect to QuickBooks button.
  1. If you own multiple companies, select the correct one. If you have only one company, proceed to the next step.
  1. If you agree to the STRATAFOLIO’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click on the Connect button.
  1. Once you see the Connected to Quickbooks Online message, congratulations, you have successfully completed the connection.

If you have any issues connecting your account, please contact our customer support, or email us at [email protected].