How to Make Technology Adoption Easier for Employees

Whether it’s hardware or software, technology adoption is a vital part of growing your business.

Start slow

While the real estate industry has been notorious for being slow to adopt new technology, that doesn’t make implementing new technology any less important. If your commercial real estate business is not adopting technology right now, you’re missing out on your business reaching its full potential. 

Even if you know that adopting new tech is the way to go, many businesses are hesitant because their employees are slow at mastering the newly adopted technology. Luckily, there are things you can do to ease the transition.

Technology Adoption – Adopt Gradually

Too much change all at once can be counterproductive. This is especially true when it comes to adopting technology at work. Determine where your biggest threats or weaknesses are in your operation. Then, tackle those first. Employees must adjust to the essential aspects of new technology before progressing to advanced features. The best way to make sure that employees are mastering the technology is by providing comprehensive training and gradually advancing through the training.

Train Smarter

Of course, not everyone learns at the same pace. People with different levels of tech-savviness will adapt to new tech at drastically different rates. Don’t ignore those differences. Provide extra training for these individuals that need it. However, you still want to save money where you can. If some employees have already mastered the basics, allow them to move up to more advanced features while the others continue working on the basics. 

The attitude you have in training is key to ensuring employees are truly mastering concepts and not just faking them. Make it clear to them that asking questions is not only okay but it’s also encouraged. You want to make your investment in technology worthwhile.

At STRATAFOLIO, we recognize not everyone learns at the same pace. We do full-service onboarding to make sure everyone is comfortable. Once our product is in place, we ask clients to use the product for a few weeks. And then, as part of the onboarding process, we do a final training and address specific questions users have.

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Plan for Reskilling

Training isn’t just necessary when new technology is first introduced. It needs to be an ongoing process to ensure that your employees stay fresh on their new skills. Utilizing innovative tech is much less intimidating when strengthening your employees’ ability to use it is a regular part of your business operations. While you may think it is an unnecessary waste of time, it’s important to remember the value you’ll be adding to your organization. It helps employees become more productive and gives you a competitive edge. Take full advantage of the automation and efficiency that can be gained with technology in your company.

Reward Technology Adoption Mastery

Even if you require your employees to go to all these new training sessions, you might not see the kind of dedication you want unless you give them an apparent reason why they are doing these training sessions. The best way to reward employees for attending these sessions is by framing them as opportunities for advancement. People will be more willing to participate in sessions and genuinely engage with them if they know that they will give them a chance to advance and possibly make more money.

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How to Make Technology Adoption Easier for Employees
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How to Make Technology Adoption Easier for Employees
Technology adoption is critical to growing a commercial real estate business. Without it, teams miss revenue and take on added risks.
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