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STRATAFOIO’s integration with QuickBooks online can save over 80% of manual effort and puts you in control of your organization’s finance, operations, asset, and investor management.

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Automating Commercial Real Estate Management for QuickBooks Online Users

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Connect and Automate

When you combine the power of STRATAFOLIO and QuickBooks Online, you get the best of both worlds. Our platform helps property owners, managers, investors, accountants, and the rest of your team with finance, asset, operations, and investor management.

STRATAFOLIO is an enterprise-quality software built with you in mind to help you automate your commercial real estate business; save you time; make you profits, and show you insights on your business like you have never seen before.

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CAM Tracking

Track your taxes, insurance, and CAM expenses per lease in a comprehensive and organized way accessible from anywhere in the world.


Control all your companies from one location. You don’t need to update your data in multiple spreadsheets to get insights.

Loan Management

Automate your loan tracking. Always know your asset value, equity, debt, and other KPIs on a single company or globally.

Interactive dashboards

Visualize your data using interactive charts. Identify potential issues in seconds before they become major problems.


Customize when you receive alerts on your lease escalations, lease renewal, loan renewals, and loan covenants.

Investor Management

Manage all your investors from a single location from anywhere in the world. No more digging through spreadsheets.

And so much more!

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