Mapping New Loans in STRATAFOLIO

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Feature Overview

STRATAFOLIO tracks loans in order to give you an up-to-date look of the organization’s entire portfolio. The QuickBooks Liability accounts attached to the Loans are also connected to STRATAFOLIO. This shows the current analytics in the Loan Dashboard. When a loan is entered into STRATAFOLIO, it needs to be connected to the account in the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts (COA) that the loan is being recorded in. Mapping the QuickBooks loan account to the loan input in STRATAFOLIO will (upon sync and QuickBooks updates) update the current balance in STRATAFOLIO.

Mapping Chart of Accounts in STRATFOLIO

Map the Chart of Accounts for each of the integrations before starting with the loans. For more information on how to map the COA, please refer to:

How to Map a New Account in STRATAFOLIO That Was Created in QuickBooks.

Mapping Loans

On the main Organization page, select the Integration tab. Under this tab, there is a list of the loans connected to QuickBooks accounts. Click on the “i” next to the Integration corresponding to the QuickBooks file containing the loans to be updated. 

First, click on the Accounts tab. Begin typing the account name from QuickBooks into the Search field to find the proper account in the COA.

Now, click the checkbox next to the correct loan account. Next, click the Map to STRATAFOLIO Hierarchy button. 

Next, select Loan Principal. The drop-down displays all of the loans that are currently entered into STRATAFOLIO for this entity. Select the correct loan in STRATAFOLIO and click Save. 

This finishes the Mapping process. Lastly, the inputted loan’s current balance will update accordingly when the QuickBooks account updates and syncs to STRATAFOLIO going forward.

** Note: It is important to follow best practices and update the loan balances and interest on a monthly basis to keep the analytics correct.

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