How to Add Lender Information in STRATAFOLIO

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Adding lender information is easy with STRATAFOLIO. Owners and admins have a designated area to record any necessary information about financial lenders, all to make your access to critical information as streamlined as possible.

Adding a Lender

First, use the navigation bar on the left side to locate Finances. Under Finances, select Lenders to access the Lenders Page. Here, you will see a list of any lenders you will enter into STRATAFOLIO and columns that provide an overview of the information you will be entering.

Near the top of the page, next to the title, locate the blue Add a Lender button. Select this to open up the form containing all of the necessary fields to complete the process, and you’ll also see a brief description of a Lender’s role. 

How Do You Refer to this Lender?

The first two boxes allow you to enter any identifying information about your Lender. The first box asks you for a nickname; this may be an unofficial or shortened version of the Lender’s title/name, and it assists you in navigating to this Lender in other locations within STRATAFOLIO.

The second box is labeled “Lender Legal Name” and is required. Here, simply enter the official legal name of the Lender in question. This information is necessary when you need to retrieve the legal name for documentation or reuse within STRATAFOLIO.

You may also include the phone number of your Lender, but you are also allowed to connect a Lender to an existing contact. For information on how to create a contact in STRATAFOLIO, navigate to this article on creating a contact. 

Where is Your Lender Located?

The next section involves entering your Lender’s location (country, address, state, and zip code). This information is optional for you to enter; however, it will be available whenever you need it. This is another way for account admins/owners like yourself to allow STRATAFOLIO to organize all potentially necessary information in one place. 

Additional Lender Information

The final section of information includes space for you to enter a link directly to the Lender’s page and information about your lender that you may want to reference in the future. First, simply retrieve the link to the Lender’s website, and insert it here. STRATAFOLIO will provide easy access to the link from the Lenders page.

Additionally, STRATAFOLIO provides space for you to record evaluative information about this particular Lender. Under Rating, you can apply a classification on a scale of one to five based on your perceived performance of the lender. The Referral Source section allows you to record who alerted you to the lender. In the lender notes, you can provide some additional context for later review.

1Will never use this lender again.
2This lender could be used again as a last resort; not satisfied.
3This lender got the job done, but did not excel in any way.
4This lender was good to work with, but has some areas for improvement.
5This is my favored lender, and I will return to them whenever possible.
Reference to STRATAFOLIO’s Lender Rating System

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