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Last modified: June 26, 2024
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Actual View

This is where STRATAFOLIO has calculated the invoiced amounts vs. actual expenses flowing in at the pro-rata share on a cash basis from the QuickBooks account. Choose the correct time period for the report to be produced. The amounts calculated are based on that time period. As the industry standard is to have CAM Reconciliations done once per calendar year, that is how these are typically shown. If there are any questions about the calculations, the “i” next to the name will give more information. 

CAM actual expenses

Each green plus expands the category to see all the subcategories that make up that main category. Once expanded, the specific monthly amounts are shown that make up the totals. Please remember that these amounts are shown at the lease’s pro-rata share. In the example below, all of these expenses are 33.33% of the total expenses for the building. 

Invoice view dates

Utilizing the dropdown in the middle of the page shows the different date ranges entered. The date ranges are created on the Invoice View of the OpExp tab. If a different date range is needed, it will need to be updated on the Invoice View first. The date range selected may also change the amount that should have been invoiced and the amount collected. Be careful when updating or changing these as they will affect invoices. 

Blue reconcile button

The blue Reconcile button exports the information to an Excel Spreadsheet. This is called the CAM Reconciliation Report in STRATAFOLIO. This report can be given to the tenants for a true-up of their CAM charges for the year.

Operating Expenses
Operating Expense Reconciliation

This report has two tabs. The first tab provides the overall summary of the reconciliation activity. It provides the amounts posted and mapped to the subcategories for the selected date range, the pro-rata share of the subcategories, and the true-up amounts for how much is owed to the tenant or the landlord. 

**The amount shown under Invoiced Amount needs to be verified with the amount actually collected by the tenant in case they paid more or less than the invoiced amount for CAM over this period of time. **

CAM Subcategory breakdown

The second page of the CAM Reconciliation Report shows the monthly breakdown per subcategory of the expenses. This is shown with the pro-rata share of the expenses already calculated. If there is a discrepancy in the amounts, this is where to look first to find it. 

Operational expense breakdown example

*** Pages one and two on the STRATAFOLIO CAM Reconciliation Report do not update when you change them. If something needs to be changed on one page, the other page will need to be updated as well.**

To appear on the Actuals tab, subcategories must be inputted on the Invoicing portion. When adding $0, those line items will fall off the invoice as it is created but are required to get them onto the CAM Reconciliation Report. This allows you to pull the expenses spent for extra categories that are not needed on the invoice.  

Cash Basis

STRATAFOLIO displays all dollar amounts on a Cash Basis of Accounting. This means that the amounts that are shown on the reconciliations are shown in the month that they were actually paid. This may be different from what you are using for your tax reporting. If the CAM Reconciliation Report is being compared to the amounts in QuickBooks, make sure to select the Cash Basis before running any of the reports out of QuickBooks. 

Cash basis of accounting

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