OpEx Tab – Invoice View

Last modified: June 26, 2024
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Invoice View

This view shows the details and amounts for what will be included on the tenant’s invoice. These are the amounts budgeted for this lease for their NNN expenses.

Subcategories get added to the Lease under the Op Exp tab:

  • Left-hand navigation
  • Under Operations > Leases
  • Find the Tenant in Leases you are looking for and click the i to the left of the row to open the lease
  • Open the Op-Ex tab
Leases OpEx Tab

Adding Subcategories to a Lease

Add a Period

For the Operating Expense Start Date, enter the Lease Commencement Date or the first day of the year that you are starting with for CAM, such as ”1/1/2024”. For the Operating Expense End Date, Enter the Lease End Date or the last day of the year that you are entering first for CAM, such as ”12/31/2024”. 

Add an operating expense period

These periods will flow into the drop-down area of the Actuals side of the  Op Exp tab. We recommend yearly CAM reconciliations on the calendar year to follow Real Estate tax expenses. 

Enter operating expense

**Please note that any expense outside of the dates of the operating expense will not be added to the reconciliation. STRATAFOLIO runs on a cash basis.**

Open the green plus sign to see the subcategories added already. 

Add single or multiple subcategory

You can add subcategories with +Add Single Subcategory and +Add Multiple Subcategory

Add Single Subcategory

To add a single subcategory, update all of the required fields on the screen below. Then press save.

Adding a single subcategory

Single subcategories have more options like CAPs and Controllable vs Non-Controllable. This is also what the edit subcategory screen will look like. For CAM Caps and other special circumstances please see links at the bottom of this article for more Knowledge Base articles. 

Add Multiple Subcategories

If multiple subcategories need to be added, select Add Multiple Subcategories and update all of the required fields for the subcategories you want included for invoicing or CAM Reconciliation reports, on the screen below. Then press save.

Adding multiple subcategories
Enter invoice amount

The exact amounts do not need to be allocated for each subcategory unless it is needed to show the tenant the specific allotment on the CAM Reconciliation Report. Typically, one amount is listed under the CAM Subcategory, and then the rest of the subcategories are added with $0 amounts listed. 

The amounts listed will be posted to the selected Income Item and appear on the invoices with that Income Item. If you have more than one amount listed for a specific Income Item, the total amount will be added together as one line item on the invoice with the Income Item selected.

Creating Income Items in QuickBooks Online

Amounts for each income item

Again, this depends on how much this needs to be broken down on your CAM Reconciliation Report for your tenant. 

**To appear on the Actuals tab, subcategories must be inputted on the Invoicing portion. When adding $0, those line items will fall off the invoice as it is created, but are required to get them onto the CAM Reconciliation Report. This allows you to pull the expenses spent for extra categories that are not needed on the invoice.**

CAM Cloning

At the end of each year, for continuation of CAM amounts on invoices, STRATAFOLIO’s Onboarding team will send many emails to remind you to clone CAM. Our CAM cloning function allows an easy way to duplicate your CAM setup to the next year. Please see the Knowledge Base link below for information on that. 

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