Software Comparison: STRATAFOLIO Versus Yardi Voyager

Software Comparison: STRATAFOLIO Versus Yardi Voyager

Today, we take a look at Yardi Voyager and compare it to STRATAFOLIO. Yardi launched in 1984.

And, since then, it has become a mainstay system used many large real estate companies across the world. 

However, it is not the right system of choice for many real estate owners who employ a small staff. Nor is it the right product for those teams trying to streamline operations. With a small staff, each individual may have some area of specialization. It is also essential for each team member to be able to support and help each other out in some capacity. Most teams do not have a resident Yardi expert. This makes it very hard for the company to function and gain full use of the functionality of Yardi Voyager.

Why pay for more product than you need or use.

STRATAFOLIO & Yardi Voyager – Comparison

In a single glance, you will note the significant visual and functional differences in the applications. Because Yardi was developed nearly 40 years ago, it looks dated. STRATAFOLIO is built on the latest technology and is visually appealing, and has an interface that is much more user-friendly. 

This high-level feature and functionality comparison is based on Yardi Voyager’s user reviews and current users of that current application. This gives you the opportunity to compare some of the major features and functionality across both products. 

STRATAFOLIO VS Yardi Voyager Features And Functionality

Feature/FunctionalitySTRATAFOLIOYardi Voyager
Provide a full-service onboarding where information is requested from your team and the onboarding specialists work with you on a regular basis to fill in the holes. Throughout the process, our staff will train you so you are comfortable in the system.Provides guidance and support (not necessarily subject matter experts), but the responsibility for your current property and portfolio data, is with your team. Configuration and set-up are time-consuming and complex. And, if not set up right from the beginning, you will likely not be able to report on the information you need or expected.
PriceAffordable even to small to medium-sized businesses. Based on the # of buildings.Expensive and complicated pricing.
# of UsersNo limit, fees are not based on user count. Pricing starts at $100/month.Expensive and complicated pricing.
Users are up and running and comfortable within minutes. Training is included during the onboarding.“Steep learning curve” - Extensive training is required to learn the system and access the information. Many teams end up paying for additional training sessions in order to use the system.
User RolesClearly delineated user roles an administrator can monitor and assign easily.A complex set of user roles that are defined within Menus, Groups, and Permissions.
VisualizationVisual, interactive dashboards throughout the product.Most visualization must be created outside the application.
Global view of debtImmediately access all debt across your portfolio including key metrics your lenders are watching (LTV, DCR).Must look individually at each loan.
Emailed AlertsEmailed alerts for you and your team members. With the ability to turn on and off based on the individual’s needs.None. Only visual when logging into the application.
Cash-Basis ReportingOwners want to be able to see what they truly have for cash flow, Can easily reflect by building, by property and by portfolio. Accrual based accounting is the default, but you can choose “Cash” for some reports.
Accounting SystemRelies on accounting from QuickBooks which has a broad audience of experienced users.Internal to Yardi and only those trained in Yardi understand the inner workings of their system.

Grasp the Future

Yardi Voyager is a complex, highly powerful system. For the large teams that have a significant budget for software & services, as well as have access to other visualization tools, Yardi can be an excellent choice. However, for the thousands of companies that are rapidly growing and need a lean, cost-effective, yet-comprehensive system, STRATAFOLIO is a perfect choice. They need a system to easily track their building operations, tenant lease changes and portfolio rollups. We are that solution.

STRATAFOLIO is the asset and property management system of choice for teams that want automation. Call us today. See how we can help your team better track operations and performance in a user-friendly, straightforward way!

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