Why You Should Invest in Property Management Software

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Managing commercial properties can be a headache, especially if you handle multiple properties. No matter how many properties you manage, investing in property management software can make your job much easier.

Make your job easier

Who doesn’t want an easier job to perform day in and day out? Here are some of the ways property management software can change the way you work for the better. 

Go Paperless

While it can be helpful to keep some paper copies of important documents, managing your properties can be easier when you go digital. It’s easier to make mistakes when you use paper filing for everything in your business. Rent could be late several times without anyone noticing a pattern, you could miss lease escalations, or you could forget that a lease renewal is coming up. 

When you invest in quality property management software, you’ll be able to automate many tasks so you can work more efficiently. You won’t have to dig through a stack of papers to find the information you are looking for. Property management software can help you stay on top of ingoing and outgoing payments, lease escalations, renewal dates, CAM reconciliation and much more.

QuickBooks-logo.pngWe are excited to share we have a new opportunity to offer QuickBooks Online at a discount for USA and Canadian residents.

By using QuickBooks Online, you will save time and money! And, by using QuickBooks Online in combination with STRATAFOLIO to manage your real estate, you will save even more!

Enhance Communication with Employees, Tenants, Vendors, Lenders, and More

With all your information stored in the cloud, property management software makes it far easier to find the documents you need, when you need them. This is helpful when working with tenants, contractors, lenders, investors, and even members of your own team. For example, you can share financial documents with a lender or share lease documents to a tenant. You can quickly search and find out when a certain repair or maintenance task was last completed. And, you can do this from anywhere, whether you’re at the office or not. 

Grow Your Business

Property management software can help you remember important dates, monitor income and expenses for each property, keep track of tenant information, and organize all your documents. With automated reminders and easy-to-generate reports, you’ll save time and reduce the likelihood of mistakes. Instead of having to do repetitive tasks, you’ll be able to focus on ways to enhance and grow your properties. 

A good property management software will be able to grow along with your business. With a cloud-based model, it is easy to expand over time as your business grows, no matter how many properties you own or manage.  

Do all this and more with STRATAFOLIO

If you’re looking for property management software that can help you go paperless, communicate with stakeholders and grow your business, STRATAFOLIO can help you! Our software integrates with QuickBooks Online, giving you the tools you need to efficiently and effectively manage your commercial properties. Schedule a 1:1 demo to see how STRATAFOLIO can make managing your properties easier than ever before. 


Imagine doing CAM in seconds vs. weeks or months! Watch this video and schedule your 1:1 demo!

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Why You Should Invest in Property Management Software
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Why You Should Invest in Property Management Software
Simplify your property management tasks with the help of innovative software. Streamline your processes and improve efficiency.
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