5 Ways Proptech Company STRATAFOLIO Helps You Scale Your Growth

All around the world, commercial real estate is experiencing the effects of the digital transformation. Companies built in the early days of the Internet are suddenly finding themselves faced with next-level proptech solutions promising to help them scale more efficiently.

These days, you can run your commercial real estate business more efficiently than your predecessors ever could have imagined! You can access unbelievable amounts of data in minutes. All the information you need is at your fingertips. You can pull up detailed portfolio data for your investors, get real-time alerts, and find out anything you desire about your tenants and leases on the go. Property management today is far different than the last decade. Or, at least it should be!

When you’re aware of the latest technologies, you have the power to make your business more efficient, organized, and competitive. This is possible even as you grow. Growing pains can be a thing of the past when you know how to utilize scalable technologies. These technologies can help with property management and asset management.

Here are a few ways that proptech technologies like STRATAFOLIO can help you scale your growth! 

1. Empower Your Team To Provide More Value

It doesn’t matter the size of your team. With software like STRATAFOLIO, everyone can access the information that they need when they need it. Your asset or property manager won’t have to look through multiple documents or spreadsheets to find investor information, leases, or loan information. Just as importantly, they won’t be wasting time trying to log information inefficiently because everything will be easily accessible in one system.

We are excited to share we have a new opportunity to offer QuickBooks Online at a discount for USA and Canadian residents.

By using QuickBooks Online, you will save time and money! And, by using QuickBooks Online in combination with STRATAFOLIO to manage your real estate, you will save even more!

2. Stay Organized In The Office 

With STRATAFOLIO, you’ll always know where to look to find out when a lease is set to expire or when a payment is due. After all, it’s essential in a property management role to stay organized. If someone on your team is on vacation or leaves the company, you won’t be missing out on valuable information. All your information covering property or asset management would be in one convenient location. You won’t have to remember when a lease escalation is due, or a loan is about to expire because you’ll get timely alerts and reminders. 

3. Enhance Collaboration With Partners And Investors

When you connect STRATAFOLIO to Quickbooks, you can serve your real estate partners and investors better. You can track your investments’ performance, calculate each investor’s portion of equity and debt, and more. You can look at all your combined financials at once, or you can view the financials of a single company or asset. Imagine all that in just one click!

4. Build Better Relationships With Tenants 

When you have the information you need at your fingertips, you can serve your tenants better. They won’t have to wait around for you to find answers to their questions. You’ll be able to manage lease escalations proactively, so there are no surprises for anyone. And CAM reconciliation can be completed in a fraction of the time. Happy tenants are a key ingredient in effective property management. They will help you scale your real estate business because they’re likely to remain your tenants for the long haul and may even send more business your way.

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5. Execute Deals Faster

To scale your real estate business, you need to execute more deals. To successfully do this, you need to be efficient, organized, and collaborative throughout your business processes, as we already discussed. With STRATAFOLIO, you can execute more leases than before because you can stay on top of deal updates and the other information you need, enabling quicker action.

As you grow, STRATAFOLIO has no problem keeping up. Schedule a demo today to discover what it can do for your commercial real estate business!

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5 Ways STRATAFOLIO Helps You Scale Your Growth
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5 Ways STRATAFOLIO Helps You Scale Your Growth
Asset and property management are in the midst of a highly needed digital transformation. Those companies adopting the technology scale faster. Learn how.
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