A Guide to the STRATAFOLIO Tenant Portal

STRATAFOLIO’s tenant portal was designed to maintain a healthy relationship between owners and tenants. After all, establishing and maintaining a good working relationship is critical to the long-term success of your commercial real estate business. Keeping the lines of communication available and being transparent are both important factors, and STRATAFOLIO’s Tenant Portal helps to achieve both.

What All Can the Tenant Portal Do?

Tenant Portal

Let’s start by looking at the Portals > Tenant Portal section in the left-hand navigation in STRATAFOLIO.

By giving your tenants access to their portal, they can do a number of things, including:

  1. See their lease and other documents you share with them
  2. Update their contact information
  3. Set up ACH payments on autopay or monthly
  4. Upload their own Certificates of Insurance and other documents/photos
  5. Access announcements you may send them
  6. Submit their own work orders

Let’s dive into the Tenant Portal and review the different areas where tenants can perform various activities. 


Within the tenant portal is the Lease tab. Here, tenants can see a number of details about their lease, including:

  • Date of Next Autopay
  • Units
  • Lease Start Date
  • Lease End Date
  • Months Left on Lease
  • Months Left on Escalation
  • Currently Monthly Total Amount
  • Last Payment Date and
  • Last Payment Amount

The view of this data can be saved as a PDF, CSV or Excel file.

ACH Payment Setup

The next tab is ACH Payment Setup, which is where your tenant can view their Payment Setup, Start/Edit AutoPay or Add an Additional ACH Owner. They can add bank account details, see their transfer limit, and more.

For more information of our ACH benefits, click here.


The next tab is Contacts, where tenants can search the contacts associated with their account. Available details include:

  • Contact Name
  • Email
  • Street Address and
  • Mobile #

This information can be saved or exported as well.

One-Time Payments

This tab shows tenants a historical record of one-time payments associated with their account, which, similar to other tabs, can be saved or exported.

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The Insurance tab houses all the information for the tenant’s Certificates of Insurance. Here, tenants can elect to add a new COI, view the COI details, download the file, or edit the file information. Each COI that has been added will appear in the table, which also shows:

  • Lease Term
  • Lease Address
  • Expired Policies
  • Active Policies
  • Producer
  • Contact Name, Email and Phone
  • Email Contact for COI Renewal (typically an insurance agent’s email)
  • Certificate Date
  • Description
  • Create Date
  • Create Time
  • Created By (email)
  • Created by Name
  • Last Edit Date
  • Last Edit Time
  • Last Edit By (email) and
  • Last Edit By Name


The Files tab is a secure filing cabinet in the cloud, where files that the owner has shared with the tenant are stored. This could include important letters that the owner sent the tenant, copies of receipts, images and so forth.

The tenant is also able to upload files they would like to share with their owner here. This could include a picture of something that is broken, a formal letter they need their owner to see, and so on.

Work Orders

The last tab available to tenants is the Work Orders tab. Here, tenants can select the Add Work Order button to submit a new work order, or see a record of the work orders for their property. They will see:

  • Work Order #
  • Title
  • Job Types (plumbing, HVAC, electrical, etc)
  • Requested By
  • Assigned To
  • Priority
  • Status
  • Due Date
  • Created By Name
  • Create Date
  • Created Time
  • Last Dispatched
  • Last Completed and
  • Last Closed

All of this information is readily available when the tenants log in.

STRATAFOLIO’s tenant portal is designed to nurture the tenant/owner relationship with transparency and accuracy of tenancy information. Our platform provides streamlined payments, easy communication, customizable features and document management with the ultimate goal of improving tenant satisfaction. Contact STRATAFOLIO today for more information about the tenant portal and for assistance with your tenant relationships.

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A Guide to the STRATAFOLIO Tenant Portal
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A Guide to the STRATAFOLIO Tenant Portal
The STRATAFOLIO Tenant Portal gives tenants the power to contact the owner, create work orders, upload documents and more.
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