Accounting and Reporting with STRATAFOLIO

Accounting and Reporting with STRATAFOLIO

As a commercial property owner, keeping track of your finances can be challenging, especially as your portfolio grows and you acquire more properties. It can be time-consuming to track every expense, rent, and maintenance cost (for starters!). STRATAFOLIO has a solution to make managing accounting and reporting easier, which we’ll review in more detail as we explore our Cash Flow Dashboard.

How can STRATAFOLIO help?

Cash Flow Dashboard

Analyzing cash flow across multiple commercial real estate companies typically requires manually exporting, massaging, and combining data from multiple spreadsheets. At least that’s what we’ve seen our customers do before they discovered STRATAFOLIO.

Our Cash Flow Dashboard shows owners a global view of the cash flow across their full portfolio in real time! Plus the cash flow dashboard shows cash flow on a cash basis. With multiple filtering options, you can view specifically an asset class or entity and just the metrics that relate to it as you drill down into it. You can also see:

  • Operating Income
  • Operating Expenses
  • Overhead Expenses
  • Net Operating Income
  • Non-Operating Income
  • Other Non-Operating Income
  • Debt Service and
  • Cash Flow

Housing this information in the cloud in STRATAFOLIO allows you to see this data in real-time, from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

STRATAFOLIO also offers a standardized Chart of Accounts that we invite you to download for free. This helps owners clearly track overhead and reimbursable expenses in preparation for yearly Common Area Maintenance reconciliations.

Loan Dashboard

Another great dashboard in STRATAFOLIO is our Loan Dashboard, which allows you to see debt-specific metrics which are critical to the success of any commercial real estate company. Most products on the market now are focused on property managers. STRATAFOLIO is designed for commercial real estate owners because we know the data you need to have at your fingertips.

In our Loan Dashboard, you can filter by Lender, Entity, Asset, and additional Asset filtering options. Furthermore, you will see:

  • Total Asset Value
  • Total Debt
  • Total Equity
  • Average LTC
  • Average LTV
  • Average DCR, plus a metric of total outstanding loans, maturing loans and so much more.

You can send the details of your Loan Dashboard to anyone in just a few clicks! Export the data at the bottom of the page via CVS, Excel or PDF, and send it off via email. This data is commonly used for debt summary reports that are often requested by lenders. You can gather the data in seconds and send the report right away, instead of keeping them waiting for weeks!


There are a number of reports you can generate in STRATAFOLIO. There are three reports that can be generated from the Reports tab, which include Rent Roll, Invoice Report and Operating Expense Report.

  • Rent Roll: Report to give to lenders, investors, or for you to understand your income, operating expenses, and occupancy by tenant, building, or globally. The rent roll report contains tenant and lease information, base rent, additional charges, rent escalations, operating expenses, and occupancy rate.
  • Invoice Report: Report verifying all your invoice reports generated for a particular period. The report contains all the invoices generated by the selected filters containing the unit number, tenants, invoice number, finalized date, due date, and each line item in the invoice for a particular time period.
  • Operating Expense Report: Report to understand which tenants do not have operating expenses on a particular period, or to verify the operating expense budget amounts per tenant or building. The report contains the tenant and unit information, lease terms, and operating expense information for the selected date range.

Every table within STRATAFOLIO pages can also be customized and saved as CSV, PDF or Excel files, or printed. These include the tables at the bottom of the Organizations, Entities, Assets, Loans, Lenders, Tenant Insurance pages, etc.

The possibilities of reports and real-time data at your fingertips are endless with STRATAFOLIO! In fact, between the number of combinations of views and properties, you can generate thousands of reports and save them right in STRATAFOLIO. You no longer have to dig through files and merge data in spreadsheets to get the reports your lenders or colleagues need.

QuickBooks Integration

STRATAFOLIO has a bi-directional integration with QuickBooks, meaning the information you put in QuickBooks will appear in STRATAFOLIO and vice versa. Eliminating the need for double entry also helps eliminate costly human errors between systems. Our connection with QuickBooks is another way we help to make managing your accounting and reporting easier. Contact us today for more information.


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