How do I Give a Tenant Access to Their Portal?

Last modified: June 26, 2024
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Once you give your tenant access to their portal, your tenant can enjoy access to several different features and functionality.

This feature is available at all levels of subscription. The only requirement is the tenant must have an email address on record within STRATAFOLIO.


  • Your tenant will have access to their lease (and other documents you share)
  • They can update their own contact information
  • ACH functionality so they can make one-time payments or monthly rent payments through ACH
  • Tenants can upload their own Certificates of Insurance directly (and they will receive reminder emails to facilitate this) rather than you having to reach out repeatedly
  • You can send out announcements with attachments for tenants to access
  • Finally, they can submit their own work orders that will be routed to your assigned property management staff

Process to Give Tenants Access:

To give your tenants access to their portal,

  1. Select the tenant from the Contacts.
  1. Click on the silhouette button in the login access column. When you hover over it, it says, Send Invite to Tenant or Investor Portal.
  2. Then click, Yes, Invite.

Note: There will be a broken padlock on that tenant button until the tenant accepts their invite. You can also resend an invite from that same location.

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