How to Improve Sustainability in Commercial Real Estate

How to Improve Sustainability in Commercial Real Estate

The green movement is influencing the commercial real estate sector. Business owners search for buildings compatible with their sustainability goals while construction professionals and real estate agents work together to meet individuals’ demands.

Sustainable commercial real estate may lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce municipal solid waste. Reducing pollution can improve a brand’s image and lower its utility costs. Real estate agents are enhancing their sustainability measures and the sustainability of their properties to meet eco-consumers’ demands.

The Rise of Sustainable Real Estate

Sustainable commercial real estate signifies two separate sectors. It indicates real estate agents are taking measures to reduce their carbon footprints during sales and improve the eco-friendliness of commercial buildings.

The real estate industry is adopting eco-conscious features to meet global sustainability goals. Environmentalists plan on decarbonizing the built environment to reduce emissions and enhance conservation efforts. Sustainable real estate also helps agents assist eco-consumers.

Researchers found 33% of consumers will buy from companies helping the environment and are willing to pay nearly 40% more for eco-friendly products, services and properties. Real estate agents can optimize their sales by catering to eco-consumers by ensuring their building sales and leases contain the top sustainability features.

Green Real Estate Leases

Real estate agents can improve the sustainability of properties by developing green leases. Green real estate leases contain eco-conscious clauses, which help landlords and tenants meet environmental goals. A few additions to traditional leases may significantly increase their eco-friendliness.

Agents can include air quality standards in buildings’ leases to minimize pollution and health risks. Individuals may cite heating, ventilation and air conditioning system standards to improve energy efficiencies. Decreasing a building’s energy use may minimize unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.

Green real estate leases may also include alternative transportation options and green cleaning crews. Agents may develop sustainable leases for buildings near bus stations or train stations to minimize transportation emissions. They can also ensure green cleaning services will tidy up around the structure using environmentally safe products.

Real estate professionals can additionally feature a building commission clause aligning with appliance efficiency rates. They may ensure buildings include energy-efficient systems to regulate indoor temperatures, waste and water use. Agents today are searching for buildings with five sustainability features to sell to eco-consumers.

1.  Modularly Constructed Buildings

Properties made with modular construction have smaller carbon footprints and produce less material pollution. Builders construct these structures off-site in various sections.

Professionals then assemble their sustainable buildings on-site and improve local air quality. Modular constructors save and reuse excess materials to minimize MSW, reduce resource exploitation and enhance cost savings.

2.  Renewable Energy Sources

Eco-friendly sources are becoming a hot commodity in new and old structures. Builders and real estate agents can add solar panels to properties and increase their values. Adding photovoltaic panels to a rooftop significantly decreases energy costs.

Commercial property owners can access the most affordable power supplies using PV panels. Solar energy also improves a building’s resilience during storms and natural disasters. Business owners can increase their cost savings by minimizing electricity loss.

3.  Smart Systems

Thermostats reliant on the Internet of Things access real-time weather predictions to regulate indoor temperatures. The systems automatically turn on and off depending on outdoor temperatures.

Smart thermostats connect to business owners’ smartphones to provide remote controls. The green building feature prevents energy loss from heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Individuals can save money on utilities and shrink their carbon footprints using smart thermostats.

4.  Rainwater-harvesting Systems

Some companies have large water footprints, which signify natural resource exploitation. Rainwater-harvesting systems collect stormwater in barrels and purify the water for reuse.

Only about 0.5% of Earth’s freshwater sources are available to humanity. Recycling stormwater can prevent resource overuse and help business owners save money.

5.  Low-impact Lighting

Real estate agents can increase the sustainability of properties on the market by switching traditional lights with light-emitting diode bulbs. LED lights are significantly more sustainable than other bulbs on the market.

They use about 75% less electricity and last up to 25 times longer. LED bulbs help to reduce MSW and greenhouse gas emissions. Commercial real estate agents can place LED lights in offices and properties to increase sustainability.

The Benefits of Green Buildings

Placing more green buildings on the real estate market may improve commercial sustainability. They protect the environment, enhance air quality and lower utility costs. Additionally, these structures reduce natural-resource exploitation and air pollution as well.

Business owners can protect their employees’ health and well-being by investing in sustainable commercial real estate. They can also enhance their eco-consumer appeal by shrinking their carbon footprints.

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