Why You Need a Central Location for Your Real Estate Documents

Why You Need a Central Location for Your Real Estate Documents

Have you ever wished you could access your commercial lease agreements, spreadsheets, or reports when you weren’t in the office? Do you find yourself wasting time searching for misplaced paperwork or sorting through your files to find the one you’re looking for? If so, you may need a better solution for centralizing and organizing your real estate documents.

How to Get Organized

Having an organized, central location for all your real estate documents is key to keeping your operations running smoothly. It can cut down on stress significantly and give you a greater sense of control. In addition, it’ll save time for you and everyone on your team.

Here’s what you need to know about creating a structured, centralized location for your real estate documents.

In addition to advanced financial reporting tools, STRATAFOLIO can make it a breeze to organize and manage your commercial lease agreements and other paperwork. In the File section, you can organize all your documents for easy access and retrieval.

If you’re just getting started with STRATAFOLIO, you’ll receive full service on-boarding. This involves connecting your new real estate management platform to your existing QuickBooks accounts and helping you to set everything up to ensure future success. As a part of this process, we can help make sure your documents are all uploaded to the system. Here’s what you need to do.

1. First, Get Your Materials Together

Your documents might be stored on your desktop, scattered around the office, in a cloud folder, or in a physical file folder. Perhaps a combination of all of the above! No matter your existing system, the first step in organizing your documents is to get everything together. If you have any documents that are only in hard copy form, now is the time to scan them in so you have a digital copy.

You may have to get the cooperation of others in your office to get all the contracts, invoices, receipts, spreadsheets, reports, and other paperwork together. However, it’s worth the effort. Now, if the person who normally handles the paperwork is unavailable, on vacation, or they leave the company, it won’t be a problem. Your commercial lease agreements and other documents will all be in one place and easily accessible by others.

2. Discard Anything You Don’t Need

Part of organizing your paperwork involves discarding anything that is unnecessary to keep. If you’re certain that it’s redundant, inaccurate, or unneeded, chances are, it’s OK to get rid of it. This way, it won’t clog up your space. As a result, it’ll be easier to find what you need.

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3. Upload the Files

Now, it’s time to upload everything to your central location, whether this is the Files section of STRATAFOLIO or another cloud-based storage solution. We can assist you with this as a part of the onboarding process.

4. Make an Upkeep Plan

After getting your documents together, you’re probably tired of sorting through them! The good news is, you can prevent them from becoming an unmanageable mess in the future. This means getting in the habit of adding any new documents to your centralized location. You may want to block out some time once a week or once a month to ensure that everything remains organized and caught up.

5. Finally, Enjoy the Ease of Accessing Your Files!

Now, any time a lender, buyer, or investor is asking for a document, you can promptly provide it to them. Everyone in your office can access the information they need without wasting anyone’s time.

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Why You Need a Central Location for Your Real Estate Documents
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Why You Need a Central Location for Your Real Estate Documents
If you find yourself wasting time sorting through commercial lease agreements, reports and spreadsheets, you need a better, more centralized solution!
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