Need An Easy Way to Track Your Investors in Your Real Estate Portfolio?

For many commercial real estate companies, it’s a smart move to bring in outside capital. It’s a great way to accelerate company growth! With this comes, managing real estate investors. 

But it’s important to remember that your investors are relying on you just as much as you’re relying on them. They depend on you for your expertise in commercial real estate. And they rely on you to be transparent about how their investments are performing. You need to be responsive and available to answer their questions. Better yet, exceed their expectations by proactively providing them with the information they need!

Are you successfully keeping track of your investors – or does your commercial real estate company struggle in this area?  

Are You Staying Organized?

In today’s world, we have the ability to collect so much data. Despite that, it’s often difficult to narrow it all down so that we can visualize our data, make decisions based on it, and share relevant information with the people who need it. Paper files and Excel spreadsheets often don’t cut it. 

Sometimes, you need a broad view of all your investors. For instance, if you are refinancing or bringing on a new project, anyone with more than a 25% equity interest must be listed according to the Beneficial Ownership Rule. Many companies struggle to do this, especially when they have multiple investors to keep track of or when ownership structures are complicated. Or when there are cascading ownership structures.

How Are You Maintaining Trust with Real Estate Investors? 

We’ve talked to many companies that struggle to manage their investor relationships. Your partners and investors have helped you grow your business to where it is today. You owe it to these individuals or entities to share the information they need to know about their investments. 

If you can impress your investors with detailed, well-organized information, then you’ll be able to build a lasting, mutually-beneficial relationship.

QuickBooks-logo.pngWe are excited to share we have a new opportunity to offer QuickBooks Online at a discount for USA and Canadian residents.

By using QuickBooks Online, you will save time and money! And, by using QuickBooks Online in combination with STRATAFOLIO to manage your real estate, you will save even more!

Are You Spending Too Much Time on Managing your Real Estate Investors?  

Even though investors are important to your business, you don’t want to be spending the majority of your time managing real estate investors and answering their questions. If you’re like many landlords, you’re using disconnected systems (such as snail mail, manual updates, individual emails, and spreadsheets) to manage investors and assets. But you have plenty of other things to do! So, you need an investor management solution that is cost-effective and time-saving for you and your team. 

With an ideal investor management system, you’ll benefit from better-quality data, more valuable insights, and even shorter deal transaction cycles.

We Simplify the Process and Keep your Real Estate Investors Engaged!

With STRATAFOLIO Investor Management tools, you can effortlessly track all your real estate partners and investors in a single place. 

We make it easy to access individual investor break-out views. This helps you see each investment made by a specific individual or entity, along with the value of that ownership. Our tables are easy to customize, easy to export, and easy to share with investors and lenders.

Investors can log in and see their entire portfolio, filter by investments, and different timelines.

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An investor is able to see their portion only of every investment they are a part of within a single organization, including these important metrics:

  • Ownership percentage
  • Cash-on-cash return
  • Operating income
  • Operating expenses
  • Net operating income
  • Debt service
  • Asset value
  • Equity value

And, if an investor is part of several organizations that use STRATAFOLIO, they will be able to see all their investments combined!

We know the commercial real estate industry inside and out. Not only do we provide solutions for investor management, but we also have powerful tools for cash flow and debt management, lease management, and more. Integrate these powerful tools with QuickBooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop to have all your information in one place! To learn more or to schedule a demo, get in touch with us today. We’d be happy to discuss how your company can improve its investor management strategy!

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Need An Easy Way to Track Your Investors in Your Real Estate Portfolio?
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Need An Easy Way to Track Your Investors in Your Real Estate Portfolio?
Many real estate owners grow their real estate portfolio by bringing on outside investors. With that, comes tracking investors and reporting to investors.
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