How to Become a More Efficient Property Manager with Management Software

As a property manager, your schedule is hectic. Between tenants, vendors, and lenders – most times it
feels like there simply are not enough hours in your day. Prioritization is key. Have you considered the
power of commercial property management software? Let’s discuss how using property management
software frees up your time so you can make a bigger impact every day.

Improve Time Management

Successful property managers keep track of their daily tasks and events. From scheduling building
maintenance to running cash flow reports, they know how to let software do the heavy-lifting. A
centralized view of your portfolio has never been easier than through professional property
management software. If you are still running your operation by hand and on paper, you are limiting
your efficiency.

Commercial real estate management software automates bookkeeping tasks and frees your schedule to
focus on more important uses of your time. Automating routine tasks saves money so employees no
longer are paid to input data entry. The more time you have available to communicate with your
tenants, investors, and property owners – the better.

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See Real-Time Data Instantly

When making financial decisions for your properties, it is vital to look at accurate, current data. Without
seeing the correct information, you are putting your property’s profit at risk. Property management
software allows property managers to access reports, payment data, and other information instantly.
Traditional bookkeeping methods do not have up-to-date reports or the ability to get reports in a matter
of seconds.

Property management software also sets up reminders for tasks and events like rent due dates and
scheduled maintenance days. You can schedule cash flow more easily knowing when deposits and
expenses are expected. The software helps you determine the best course of action based on real-time

Instead of taking days to gather information for a plan, data-gathering and decisions are made within
the same day. Real-time data provides vital information for landlords and tenants. Rent payment
history, messages, and other data are accessible to tenants. This increases transparency among tenants
and builds trust.

Access from Anywhere with Any Device

Commercial real estate management software allows property managers to access their data from
anywhere, anytime. Your property’s data is saved to the cloud making it easily accessible when you are
away from your office. Information stored in the cloud is secure and straightforward to navigate. You
control access to any document stored in the cloud. Each team member has access to, or is restricted
from, any data stored within the Cloud. Integrating property management software allows easy access and sharing amongst employees, tenants, and vendors. In contrast, data stored on a desktop requires
physical hardware and access to maintain.

Commercial real estate management software streamlines daily tasks to make your property run
smoothly. Not only does it make it automate your tasks, but it helps tenants and vendors. Property
management software increases communication between you, vendors, and tenants. This ensures your
property runs efficiently. If you need help automating your daily tasks, STRATAFOLIO is the right choice for
you. Schedule a 1:1 demo today!

Imagine doing CAM in seconds vs. weeks or months!
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How to Become a More Efficient Property Manager with Management Software
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How to Become a More Efficient Property Manager with Management Software
How can you become a more efficient property manager? Property management software is a great start! Join us to start your journey today.
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