How STRATAFOLIO’s Full-Service Onboarding Sets You Up For Success

How STRATAFOLIO's Full-Service Onboarding Sets You Up For Success

When you are getting ready to integrate new software for your business, the onboarding process is crucial when determining if the product is the right fit for your team. At STRATAFOLIO, we looked at common mistakes we saw in other companies’ onboarding systems then worked to improve upon their weaknesses when constructing our own. Let’s talk about the three parts of our onboarding process.

1. Initial Meeting

During the initial meeting, we evaluate your expectations, needs, and goals. Once we understand what your goals are with new commercial property management software, we tailor the rest of the meeting to matching our solution to your expectations. To start the process of using STRATAFOLIO, the following information is input into the software:

  • Important staff members and their duties
  • The organizational structure of your team
  • Information about leases, rent rolls, loans, and more

Internally, our goal during the initial meeting is to get an overview of your team and its needs. After determining the needs of your business, we go over the features of STRATAFOLIO and the rest of the steps to onboarding the software. While going through the onboarding process, we go over each phase in detail. We ensure each step of the management software works correctly for you. By doing this, we troubleshoot issues early and work to address them.

2. Build-Out Meetings

Depending on the size of your team and its needs, we determine how many meetings need to take place to have all your data inputted into STRATAFOLIO. During build-out meetings, we begin the process of inputting users and data into your commercial property management software. If you have new organizational information or materials, we will take the new data and incorporate it into the system.

During the building process, we input information into STRATAFOLIO like:

  • QuickBooks accounts
  • Loans and lenders
  • Leases and CAM
  • Investors
  • Leases, assets, and other commercial property data

When we link your QuickBooks account to STRATAFOLIO, we perform an audit of all the financial data. This process makes sure our commercial property management software is reading your QuickBooks account(s) accurately.

3. Final Meeting

This is the last step of the onboarding process for STRATAFOLIO. During this meeting, we walk through all the data with you and your team to ensure everything is correct. Every team member gets trained on how to use the property management system. This includes accessing your data for leases and rent payments.

We go over common questions regarding how to use STRATAFOLIO and any questions your team has. If problems or issues arise, we identify how to contact our support team. Our support staff can help with any issues you are encountering with the software. We believe it is important for us to have an on-going relationship with our clients, to understand internal goals, and address their needs.

STRATAFOLIO is here to help you enhance your property management and increase your profit. Compared to other commercial property management software services, we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to provide upstanding service. Schedule a 1:1 demo to see how STRATAFOLIO improves your property management.

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