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Last modified: September 18, 2023
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STRATAFOLIO is committed to streamlining Property Management for the Commercial Real Estate Investor. One way we do this is with our Investor Login and Investor Dashboard. Track all your real estate partners/investors in a single place. Track how their investments are performing, as well as their portion of the equity and debt, making it easy to answer questions anytime.

In STRATAFOLIO, you can invite each of your investors to have their own individual login. When they create an investor account, they will see the financial information for only the assets they have ownership in.

What is it?

In STRATAFOLIO, Investors can see all their investment financials at-a-glance on the Investor Dashboard.

The top half of the dashboard gives a financial snapshot that is specific to the Investor. Included are options to drill down to the Entity level, view a specific date range, and sort by Investor Type (Direct or Indirect).

The bottom half of the dashboard is more specific data broken out by Entity. It includes Ownership Percentage, Income & Expenses and whether or not the Investor is a Guarantor – and more!

Want to learn more?

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