Tenant Pro Rata Share

Last modified: July 12, 2024
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Each of the tenants will pay their pro-rata share of the building or property. This is the portion of the building that they are renting. When a lease is inputted into STRATAFOLIO, the system calculates the pro-rata share for you. The unit square footage is divided by the rentable building square footage (RSF). This calculates the tenant pro-rata share for this tenant and this lease. 


**Please be careful when adding units or changing square footage because it will affect the pro-ratas of every tenant in that building when you modify these. **

How to Override Tenant’s Pro-rata in STRATAFOLIO

In some instances, the number for the RSF in the lease may be different than what is calculated when adding up all of the units in the building. This can happen if the math was  rounded on the lease, additional square footage of the building was added, or many other reasons. In STRATAFOLIO, there is an Override feature possible if the actual pro-rata is different than the calculated amount. The Override is at the bottom of the edit Lease screen and should only be used if necessary. It overrides pro-rata share and will not be shown on the table in STRATAFOLIO but will be in the exportable report. 

See the example below.

STRATAFOLIO tenant adjustable pro-rata share
rentable square footage override

The CAM Reconciliation Report exported to Excel includes many calculations of pro-rata share, including those for the building, the asset, and the entity. This allows easy calculations for any expenses that need to be shared at a different level. If those situations do not apply to you, please feel free to hide or delete rows from the report in Excel:

STRATAFOLIO's CAM reconciliation report
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