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Tag: Lease Terms

From Triple Net fees to multi-year terms, we explore how to effectively navigate a lease negotiation in commercial real estate.
Understand the difference between lease commencement dates and rent commencement dates in commercial property management.
What Makes a Good Lease Commencement Letter
Learn how lease commencement letters establish clear communication between landlords and tenants in commercial real estate.
What Is a Lease Commencement Date and Why Is It Used?
Don't overlook the lease commencement date in your lease agreement. Discover why this date is crucial and how it impacts your tenancy.
The Quick Guide to Lease Administration and How to Be Successful
Good lease administration systems are critical to running a successful commercial real estate business. Learn tips for better management.
What Records Should You Request When Buying a Commercial Property?
Get the necessary records for a successful commercial property purchase. Find out what documents are necessary to make an informed decision.
Three Critical Tips on Filling a Vacant Commercial Unit
Filling a vacant commercial unit can be a challenge. Gain insight with three strategies to overcome your commercial unit vacancies.
Why it's critical to Start Talking to your Lender During the COVID-19 Crisis
Find out when and how to communicate with your lender during the COVID-19 crisis. Explore the financial impacts and benefits of early action.
5 Common Commercial Real Estate Lease Mistakes to Avoid
Commercial real estate leases must be managed for multiple years. If leases are not written well, they result in confusion and lost income.