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Tag: Lease Escalations

What Is a Lease Commencement Date and Why Is It Used?
Don't overlook the lease commencement date in your lease agreement. Discover why this date is crucial and how it impacts your tenancy.
How Your Real Estate Company Can Avoid Poor Cash Flow Management
Learn how to master cash flow management for your real estate business. Discover five essential tips to spend less and protect your income.
The Quick Guide to Lease Administration and How to Be Successful
Good lease administration systems are critical to running a successful commercial real estate business. Learn tips for better management.
Proper Record Keeping: The Key to Good Investor Relationships
Explore the necessity of accurate record-keeping for real estate investors. Learn about budgeting, revenue tracking, lease renewals, and more.
5 Critical Steps to Better Manage NNN Lease Escalations
Managing NNN leases can get overwhelming without the right tools. STRATAFOLIO connects directly with QuickBooks and automates the process.
What are NNN leases and what are lease escalations?
Explore the components of NNN leases and lease escalations. Learn what they are and why you should track them as a real estate investor.