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What Makes a Good Lease Commencement Letter
Learn how lease commencement letters establish clear communication between landlords and tenants in commercial real estate.
What Records Should You Request When Buying a Commercial Property?
Get the necessary records for a successful commercial property purchase. Find out what documents are necessary to make an informed decision.
Learn the definition and significance of stabilized commercial properties and why they are crucial for success in the real estate industry.
How to Streamline your Inefficient CAM Reconciliation Process
Avoid costly errors with effective CAM reconciliations. Improve the process with standardization and automation tools like STRATAFOLIO.
5 Essential Types of Records for Managing Commercial Real Estate
Upkeep your commercial property management with organized records. Be prepared for audits, disputes, sales, loans, and appraisals.
Getting the Right Office Space for Your Tenant, It's a Financial Matter
Discover how to match the right office space with the perfect tenant. Learn about the importance of location, suitability, and more.