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5 Types of Commercial Real Estate Loans
Learn about commercial real estate loans - what they are and how to secure one. Interest rates, terms, lenders and more explored by experts.
Commercial Real Estate and QuickBooks: The Best Ways to Get Started
Unlock the full potential of commercial real estate and QuickBooks. Follow this guide to get started and set up customers and accounts.
How to Record the Purchase of A Fixed Asset/Property
Did you recently purchase a new commercial property? Follow this step-by-step guide to record your new fixed asset/property in QuickBooks. In this article, we will discuss best practices and walk you through the steps to record the purchase of a fixed asset in QuickBooks.
Does Business Credit Matter When Investing in Commercial Real Estate?
Learn why business credit is important for investing in commercial real estate. Know the impact of having a good business credit score.
The Key to Debt Management for Real Estate Owners
Learn how to optimize your real estate business with effective debt management. Discover the benefits of leveraging debt for success.
5 Essential Types of Records for Managing Commercial Real Estate
Upkeep your commercial property management with organized records. Be prepared for audits, disputes, sales, loans, and appraisals.
why its critical to track your cre loans
Discover the common problems with using spreadsheets for commercial real estate loans and learn an alternate method to automate the process.
New $500,000 Threshold on Commercial Real Estate Appraisals
A 2018 amended rule raises the threshold for when third-party commercial real estate appraisals are required by a lending institution.