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How to do a Property Title Search for Your Commercial Property
Make informed decisions when investing in commercial real estate. Learn why a property title search is crucial when looking to purchase.
Mortgage Escrow Account: How to Properly Set It Up
An important beginner step in commercial real estate is properly setting up a mortgage escrow account. Ensure current accurate records.
How to Set Up a Chart of Accounts For a Real Estate Company JPG
Set up an accurate chart of accounts for your real estate business. Get a detailed walkthrough for QuickBooks, including free sample files.
Don’t Miss Items with Common Area Maintenance During Due Diligence
Common area maintenance is imperative in real estate. Verification during due diligence period verifies the financials of a property.
What is the Impact of Eliminating the 1031 Exchange JPG
The elimination of the 1031 exchange has been a topic of conversation during tax overhaul conversations. Understand what this entails.