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Author: STRATAFOLIO Support

How to Add a Property Manager as a User in STRATAFOLIO
Learn step-by-step how to easily add property managers as users within STRATAFOLIO's total commercial property management software.
How to Run a CAM Reconciliation Report in STRATAFOLIO
Effortlessly manage common area maintenance reconciliation with STRATAFOLIO. Learn how to view and track CAM expenses in a few simple steps.
How to Turn Off Custom Transaction Numbers in QuickBooks Online
Wondering how to turn off customer transaction numbers in QuickBooks Online? Follow step-by-step instructions to assign an invoice number.
Onboarding Process with Smartsheets
Get started with onboarding in Smartsheets. Learn how to use this project management software for a smooth onboarding with STRATAFOLIO.
How to Set Up an Investor in STRATAFOLIO
Enhance investor relations with STRATAFOLIO property management software. Grant investors access to relevant entities and performance data.
QuickBooks Online Integration Instructions
Sync your STRATAFOLIO and QuickBooks Online accounts seamlessly. Learn how to integrate the two platforms for efficient financial management.
How to Automate Your Certificates of Insurance (COI)
Manage your Certificate of Insurance (COI) and insurance policies effortlessly with STRATAFOLIO. Stay organized and compliant with ease.
Owner Payment Integration (ACH) in STRATAFOLIO
Learn how to integrate ACH payments into your commercial real estate business for increased efficiency and streamlined payments.