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For every $1 companies spend on analytics, they average $9 in returns

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STRATAFOLIO has been a true partner working with both me and our team. They have implemented features that save hundreds of hours of work and as a result, makes my team here much more efficient. Having the ability to have one clear picture of all my real estate holdings, financial insights, investor relations, and real-time data in one spot, is invaluable.

Brent Dahlstrom

Brent Dahlstrom

Real Estate Developer and Owner

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In order to compete with the speed of the market, it is time for a change!

You heard right. For every $1 a company spent on analytics, they average $9 in returns.
(source - Nucleus Research)


A frequently heard phrase:
"This is the way we have always done business."

Yet, an estimated 20-30% of annual company earnings are lost due to inefficiencies.
(source - Avitus Group)

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