Real Estate Operations Management

Unlock your full potential through automation!


Managing properties and multiple tenants across a real estate portfolio can be time-consuming and tedious.

STRATAFOLIO connects to QuickBooks and consolidates the most important operational functions and automates important activities to save you time and money. Easily perform common property management tasks and never miss a deadline with our helpful reminders.

Check out some of the features that will automate and simplify your operations. 

Intuit QuickBooks is required to use STRATAFOLIO.
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Lease Rate Escalations

Always collect the correct lease rate amounts on time and with ease when you use STRATAFOLIO’s Lease Escalations. 

Read our article, What Are Lease Rate Escalations, to learn more.

CAM Reconciliation

Create your CAM Reconciliation report in seconds at any time and know exactly how your organization is performing.

What is common area maintenance reconciliation? Read our blog to learn about CAM.
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Bulk Invoicing

Create invoices for all your tenants across all your companies in seconds with current rent and CAM charges.

Get all the information you need about bulk invoicing with STRATAFOLIO on our Bulk Invoicing Resources page.

Certificates of Insurance (COI)

Protect yourself from the next natural disaster by ensuring all your tenants have up-to-date insurance policies based on your lease requirements.

Want to know more about COIs and why they are essential? Read our What Is a Certificate of Insurance? article.

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ACH Payments

Save yourself hours of frustration every month by having your tenants set up autopay via ACH.

Learn more about how to improve your rent collection when using STRATAFOLIO to collect your ACH payments

Alerts and Reminders

Gain peace of mind knowing we got your back on critical activities necessary to run your business.

In this Knowledge Base article, we explain exactly how STRATAFOLIO lease alerts work. Read more!

Tenant Portal

Enhance your tenant experience by allowing them to log into their own portal. 

Learn more about STRATAFOLIO’s tenant portal in this comprehensive guide.

Work Orders

Gain insights and improve your operations by having a clear visual of where your time and money are spent.

Want to learn more about STRATAFOLIO’s work order tools? Read this article for more information.

And More...!

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When looking for a platform that can handle asset management, property management, and tenant management - there was really only one option. There are a lot of platforms that can do one of these three things - but STRATAFOLIO is built to manage them all. Their Onboarding Team made the transition incredibly smooth. They handled everything for us so that we could focus on utilizing the tool. This software has helped our organization stay on top of rent increases, expired leases, etc - saving us a tremendous amount of time and money. From the Owner's Dashboard with high level overviews all the way down to the work orders and insurance tracking; I HIGHLY recommend STRATAFOLIO for anyone in the real estate industry.

Julie W.

I will tell you, that the software is already working.  I received a notice today of two leases expiring, that if you had asked me, I would have said they had several years left.

Jake C.

I really love QuickBooks Online and was starting to look for a property management software because I really needed the property management functionality. I kept hearing how hard the accounting was in those systems. Then I saw STRATAFOLIO on some blog. With STRATAFOLIO, I really get the best of both worlds! Good accounting and good asset and property management. I could not be happier! And the team was so friendly during the on-boarding. They were patient and answered every question.


Great Management Tool: The absolute best software for viewing the business as a whole. It brings all of our QuickBooks files together and does all the tedious work to make workflow more efficient. NNN invoicing and work orders to keep track of how much we are spending on each tenant.

Jaclyn J.

A Great Solution for Real Estate: As an outsourced accounting group that works heavily in real estate, we were needing a solution to get clients using QBO the info and functionality so unique to the industry. We implemented STRATAFOLIO for one of our clients have been happy to add it to our preferred tech stack. Jeri and her team are great to work with and make the onboarding process very easy. STRATAFOLIO fills all the holes of QBO when it comes to real estate from tenant management to billing to CAMs to overall asset and cash flow management. A great product for an underserved industry in QBO.


Can't believe I waited this long to migrate to STRATAFOLIO. STRATAFOLIO provides us the necessary insight into our business that we were missing. We now are aware of the upcoming lease escalations and have valuable insight into the value of our assets.

Dallas G.
Small Business Owner