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Save Time and Money with Good Lease Management and Organization
Lack of lease management organization costs real estate businesses thousands of dollars each and every year. Discover tips to address this.
2019 year end tax savings strategies for business owners to consider
As a real estate owner or construction company owner, consider these tax savings strategies to maximize your financial benefits.
5 Tips for Landlords Managing CAM or Operating Expense Recovery
For real estate owners Operating Expense Recovery or CAM Reconciliation is a significant part of managing any NNN lease. Get expert tips.
Creative Ways Landlords are Filling Vacant Retail Space
Vacant retail space has been a common sight. Learn how owners are finding creative ways to adapt these spaces to bring in traffic.
How can Small Retailers Gain an Edge This Holiday and Everyday
Navigate the challenges of the holiday season as a small retailer. Learn strategies to maximize sales and stand out from the competition.
4 reasons landlords struggle to manage operational expenses
Operating expense management is a huge component of successfully managing NNN leases. Avoid common struggles property owners face.
What are NNN leases and what are lease escalations?
Explore the components of NNN leases and lease escalations. Learn what they are and why you should track them as a real estate investor.
7 benefits of investing in multifamily property for your real estate portfolio
Learn how to capitalize on the benefits of multifamily housing investments. Find out why it's a profitable option for real estate investors.
Simplifying Commercial Real Estate Accounting for Your Business Purpose
Whether you're developing properties for sale or earning rental income, utilize the right financial statements for your specific real estate business.
why its critical to track your cre loans
Discover the common problems with using spreadsheets for commercial real estate loans and learn an alternate method to automate the process.