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Manage your investor relationships with STRATAFOLIO. Learn how to build trust, attract investment capital, and make informed decisions.
How to Switch From QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online for Commercial Real Estate
Investing in commercial real estate? Learn six effective strategies to increase your profit and create a stream of passive income.
The Importance of a Clean, Accurate Rent Roll
Understand the significance of rent roll in real estate. Explore how this financial overview affects property value and income generation.
What is an Estoppel and When is it Used in Commercial Real Estate?
Find out what tenant estoppel is and why it matters in commercial real estate. Learn how it can prevent disputes and clarify lease terms.
The Key to Managing Your Real Estate Portfolio Cash Flow Like a Pro
Mastering cash flow management is crucial for your real estate business. Avoid risks and optimize success with careful cash flow management.
Need An Easy Way to Track Your Investors in Your Real Estate Portfolio?
Enhance your real estate company's success by effectively managing your investors. Be transparent, responsive, and provide necessary information.
Why You Need to Implement Automation in Your Real Estate Business
As real estate companies look to streamline their processes and reduce costs, automation should be one of the first options to explore.
How Should I Track Rent Payments That Were Impacted by COVID-19?
Commercial tenants cannot make rent payments to landlords because of the impact of COVID-19 on their business. Learn what steps to take.
5 Ways Proptech Company STRATAFOLIO Helps You Scale Your Growth
Stay ahead of the competition in the property management industry with the latest proptech solutions and digital tools.
Is QuickBooks A Good Solution to Manage Your Real Estate?
Many commercial property owners use QuickBooks but reach limitations in managing their real estate business. Learn how STRATAFOLIO can help.