How STRATAFOLIO Helps with Tenant and Lease Administration

One of the most critical (and generally time-consuming) aspects of commercial property management are the administrative tasks required to manage tenants and leases, especially as your portfolio beings to grow and the number of leases is more than you can manage in spreadsheets alone. Our robust software was built for owners (and all team members) to see the most critical information at a glance and to empower them to confidently make both leasing and tenant-related decisions backed by data.

Get a Handle on Leases

To understand how STRATAFOLIO helps owners manage their tenants and leases, you have to see the product in action. Let’s start by looking at the Operations > Leases section within STRATAFOLIO.

Global Lease View

Here, you can see all the leases within your organization at a global level. This intuitive dashboard has a number of filtering capabilities, so you can get the answers you need with the data right at your fingertips. Quickly filter by entity, asset, building, unit, tenants, asset status, lease type, lease status, and date filters.

Within the columns below, you can see unit rentable square footage, building square footage, plus a color-coded lease status so you can quickly see what units are occupied, expired, evicted, or on a year-to-year or month-to-month lease, and a number of other filters. With more than 50 columns of important information in this view, you have everything you’d find in your lease in a more presentable and digestible manner.

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Lease Escalations and Expirations

A few specific columns within the Lease view pertain to lease escalations and expirations. You will see Lease Start Date, Lease End Data, Months Left on Lease, Months Left on Escalation and Lease Expiration Alerts (Days Prior). These columns of information help owners see quickly–and at a global level– which tenants have upcoming lease escalations due and which tenants need to renew their leases.

STRATAFOLIO also offers customizable lease alerts (plus 11 other alerts!) to help owners better run their businesses, and avoid missing critical lease dates. Owners can be notified via email with alerts for expiring leases, confirmed expiring lease rates, and unconfirmed lease rates so you never miss a critical date or lease bump again. 

Common Area Maintenance (CAM)

Before STRATAFOLIO, owners were taking weeks, if not months, every single year, to reconcile their common area maintenance (CAM) charges. After all, there’s so much to consider, including overhead, operating or reimbursable expenses, plus pools, caps, and pro-rate allocations. This critical process can get hairy when there are multiple tenants in multiple buildings involved, with each tenant’s CAM dependent upon their specific lease terms.

With STRATAFOLIO, we make this CAM reconciliation process fast, easy and accurate by securely storing your information, capturing rent escalations, and generating a CAM report in one click. Our superior record management lease tracking system will do the work for you, which helps maintain a great working relationship between owners and tenants.


Additionally, owners can feel confident that their leases are securely stored in the cloud, rather than relying on computer folders or file cabinets. All this data is easily accessible through our file management system. You can learn more about how STRATAFOLIO protects your data in our frequently asked questions.

STRATAFOLIO is the leader in commercial real estate software for a reason. Contact us today to see why hundreds of owners are switching every year to help manage their commercial tenants and leases.


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How STRATAFOLIO Helps with Tenant and Lease Administration
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How STRATAFOLIO Helps with Tenant and Lease Administration
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