Adding Tenants & Contacts in STRATAFOLIO

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In STRATAFOLIO, every lease must have a Tenant, and every Tenant must have at least one Contact.

There are several ways to add Contacts & Tenants in STRATAFOLIO. If you need to add just one or two new contacts to associate with a new lease, you can add them to the Add Tenant section of the page during the lease creation process.

The Add A Contact Page

First, navigate to the Add Contact page by going to Hierarchy, then Contacts on the left-hand navigation panel. Then click the Add A Contact button.

Once you click Add A Contact, the Add Contact window will open. Here you will enter the first and last name and any other information you would like added to the contact. Then click Add Contact at the bottom to save the information to STRATAFOLIO. Multiple contacts can be added for the same tenant if needed.

The only required fields on this page are “First Name” and “Last Name.” You should complete the other fields as much as possible based on the needs of your business. There are some tips and information below the image.

  • First Name & Last Name (Required)
    If the contact is a business, enter part of the name as the first name and the rest as the last name.
    First Name Last Name
    Bob’s Pet Supplies, LLC
    Yoga Studio
  • Email (Required for email invoices)
    A valid email is required for email invoicing out of STRATAFOLIO or giving access to the Tenant Portal. For print invoicing, an email address is not required.
  • Contact Rights (Required for email invoices)
    Use this field to select one or more of the options that apply to the Contact. Options include:
    Request Work Orders
    Assigned To Work Orders
    Receive Invoice Emails

NOTE: Receive Invoice Emails must be selected in order to email an invoice to a specific Contact. Multiple contacts may receive the invoice for the tenant.

The Add Tenant Page

First, navigate to the Add Tenant page by going to Operations, then Tenants on the left-hand navigation panel. Then click the Add Tenant button.

Once you click Add Tenant, the Add Tenant window will open. In this window, you will enter the tenant information and then click Add Tenant at the bottom to save the information to STRATAFOLIO. The description of each of the fields on the Add Tenant page is described below the image.

  • Tenant Name (Required)
    This can be the company name for a commercial lease or a person’s name for a residential lease. This will be the name that appears on the Rent Roll.
  • Tenant Since Date
    This field is not required, but if desired, you can enter the date that they first became a tenant.
  • Tax Tayer ID #
    This field is not required but may be useful.
  • Annual Income
    This field is not required but may be useful.
  • Contacts (Required)
    Every Tenant must have at least one Contact. If you have already added the contact information to STRATAFOLIO, as described in the section above, simply click inside the contact block and a drop-down list of contacts will come up. Click on the contact that is associated with the Tenant. If you need to add a new Contact, you can click the Add A Contact button and enter the required information. You can add multiple Contacts to the Tenant.
  • Accounting Software Customer (Required for invoicing)
    The Accounting Software Customer must first be entered as a Customer in QuickBooks. Then, in STRATAFOLIO, you will select this Customer under the Tenant information to link the two together. If the Customer is entered in QuickBooks, you will be able to select the same Accounting Software Customer from the dropdown options.
  • Invoice Delivery Preference (Required for invoicing)
    Select Print or Email. The default is set to printing invoices.
  • Tenant Notes
    Add additional information or notes if needed.

NOTE: In order to email invoices , the Contact & Tenant set up in STRATAFOLIO must include the following:
1. The Contact in STRATAFOLIO must have an email address.
2. The Contact in STRATAFOLIO must be set up to Receive Invoice Emails.
3. The Tenant in STRATAFOLIO must have Email selected as their Invoice Delivery Preference.


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