How to Turn Off Custom Transaction Numbers in QuickBooks Online

Last modified: June 26, 2024
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STRATAFOLIO has the capability of pushing invoices into QuickBooks Online (QBO). When this happens, QBO assigns the invoice with a number and returns it to STRATAFOLIO. When the setting Custom Transaction Numbers is on, QBO assumes the user wants to utilize their own custom invoice numbers and will not assign an invoice number. Every time an invoice is created, the user will go into QBO and update it with a customer invoice number.

To utilize STRATAFOLIO to its full capabilities, including ACH, and save you a lot of time, invoice numeration needs to be used. This will allow QBO to create the invoice numbers automatically for you and allow you to differentiate between invoices. This will need to be done in each QBO account integrated with STRATAFOLIO. 

How to begin

Gear Box on the top right of your screen and then Account and Settings.

Sales and then Custom Transaction Numbers to turn Off.

If you have created invoices prior to turning off this toggle, you will need to go back in and update their numbers manually in your QBO accounts. The invoices in your portfolio in STRATAFOLIO will be updated with your invoice numbers that you have added in QBO. 

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