Onboarding Process with Smartsheets

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The Onboarding process has now started, and the first step is to familiarize yourself with Smartsheets. This is a user-friendly project management software that helps not only us but you stay on track during onboarding. You should have received an invitation to collaborate with us on the Smartsheet. If you do not already have an account with them, you can create one for free.

Filling Out the Asset Intake Form 

Begin by clicking on any cell and filling in the requested information. We only require the fields below, but the more information we have, the more complete your STRATAFOLIO portfolio will be, and the quicker we can complete the onboarding process. 

  • Entity’s Legal Name
  • QuickBooks Account Name in QuickBooks
  • Asset Address
  • Valuation Amount
  • Valuation Date
  • Valuation Method
  • Building Count
  • Total Number of Units 

Saving Information in Smartsheets

Smartsheets has an auto-save setting after 3 minutes of inactivity. To manually save the changes made before then, you’ll need to click the Save button on the toolbar.

How to Upload Specific Asset’s Documents in Smartsheets

Click on the paperclip that is on the far left of the line you want to save it to. For example, there is a lease that needs to get attached to the Real Bird Entity.

How to Upload Documents in Smartsheets for the Asset

First, click on the paperclip on the right-hand side navigation bar and then select Attach Files to Sheet.

You can then choose how you would like to upload the file/ link the files. Please upload the document as an attachment here. 

You can also drag and drop the document in the same spot. This is especially helpful if you have multiple files to upload.

If you are having issues with Smartsheets and would rather fill out the information in your private Google Drive Folder that we created for you, please let us know. There is an Excel Asset Intake Form in your folder with the same information. There are separate folders for you to upload your files into in Google Drive if you would like to use that in addition to or instead of Smartsheets.

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