How Do I Send Tenant Announcements in STRATAFOLIO

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Feature Overview:

Now you can send messages and share files with all your tenants at once! With just a few clicks, you can send announcements and emails to one or all of your tenants across your portfolio.

With the new Tenant Announcement Feature, you can:

  • Have a variety of filtering capabilities to select the right tenants to message
  • Send a single message or attach a file
  • Messages go to the designated email for the tenant’s contacts
  • Files get uploaded to the tenant’s portal

Variety of Filtering Capabilities

There are many different filters that you can use to make it easier to get the message out to the correct tenants fast. Sort using any or all of the following:

  • Organization
  • Entities
  • Assets
  • Buildings
  • Units
  • Lease Type
  • Lease Status
  • Tenants

Send a Single Message or Attach a File

Select the tenant or tenants that you would like to email an announcement. Then select Send the email.

From here, you can choose to upload a file as an attachment or not. If you want to attach one, drag and drop the file or press Select A File to select it from your computer. Add a Subject and Message to Send. Then press Send message.

Messages to the Tenant’s Contacts

As the tenant’s contacts are already entered into STRATAFOLIO, there is no need to add them again. Once they are in your portfolio, the announcements and invoices will be sent to the designated recipients that you have already entered.

Files Get Uploaded to the Tenant’s Portal

Once you have emailed the tenant, the attachment will be added to the tenant’s portal. The tenant will receive an email with a link to the attachment if they have login access in STRATAFOLIO. They will also be able to see it in the Tenant Portal in the Files.

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