How To Delete Records In STRATAFOLIO

Last modified: September 18, 2023
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At STRATAFOLIO, we understand you need to be able to delete records. Only the Administrator access role has the right to delete records. To learn more about the different access roles available, look at the section Access User Roles.

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In order to prevent an accidental delete, all our records have a Delete option at the bottom right side of all the edit forms.

If a record can be deleted, the Delete <Record> will be shown in red.

Once you click on the Delete <Record>, a pop-up will show asking for confirmation to make sure you really want to delete the record. Once you click the Yes, Delete button, your record will be permanently deleted.

Some records may be associated with other data or contain child records. When that happens, you will need to either remove the association or delete the child record in order to delete the record. In these cases, the Delete <Record> link will be grayed out. Once you hover over the link, you will see a pop-up telling you what record you need to remove the association or which children you will need to delete in order to delete the record.

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