How to Run a Rent Roll

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Want to see your rent roll for your whole organization? Or want to see the rent roll for a specific entity or period of time? In this article, we will be going over the steps for how to run your rent roll in STRATAFOLIO.

Running Your Rent Roll

Our first step in running the rent roll is to proceed to the left-hand navigation and open up the Properties tab. Once the property tab is open click the Rent Collection button which takes us to the Rent Collection page.

Now that we are on the Rent Collection page, click on the Rent Roll button highlighted below.

After clicking the Rent Roll button, a modal will appear where you can make selections based on the information you want to see. The filters include:

  • Entities
  • Assets
  • Buildings
  • Units
  • Tenants
  • Rent Month

After deciding what selections you want, click Run Report and wait for your report to download.

The Rent Roll

Once the rent roll has been downloaded, it will look like the image below. You will see the rent roll is sorted building within the organization and includes breakdowns of the following information:

  • Tenant Information
  • Lease Term
  • Base Rent
  • Additional Charges
  • Rent Increases
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • CAM
  • Gross Income

Finally, after going through each individual entity on the last page of the Rent Roll it will show all entities together in one rent roll.

This report is a nice summary report to share with investors or lenders, or simply to understand how much rent you plan to collect during a particular month.

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