How to Run a Rent Roll

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Easily see a Rent Roll for the whole organization, a specific entity, asset, or month. There are many options to run the Rent Roll and it is as easy as a few clicks. You are able to see all of your portfolio on one, professional looking Rent Roll to give to lenders or investors any time that you need to.

Get started

Go to the navigation bar on the left-hand side. Select Operations, then Rent Collection.

Select the Rent Roll button.

Enter the information to include in the report. You can filter by the following:

  • Entities
  • Assets
  • Buildings
  • Units
  • Tenants
  • Month

Then select Run Report.

A report will be generated in a PDF. Format allowing you to see a concise overview of the operations of your properties.

On the bottom of the Rent Roll, is the vacancy calculations. This is reported in vacancy by Units and by the Rentable Square Footage. On the very last page is a consolidation of all of the assets in the report and their vacancy as well as the other data.

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