How to Add a Work Order as a Tenant

Last modified: June 12, 2024
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With STRATAFOLIO, tenants can request work orders which will help users to keep track of repairs and maintenance requests. All subscription holders enjoy the following benefits:

  • A single location will be available to track all the incoming work from tenants.
  • Tenants can see progress as the issues are addressed.
  • A notification to address the issue is sent to the designated source.
  • Owners will have access to a historical record of all repairs requested from tenants.

Adding a Work Order

Begin on the left-hand navigation panel. Click on Tenant Portal, and then select Add Work Order.

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Create Work Order

Fill out the work order by completing all the required fields. Required fields have a red asterisk. 

General Information About the Work Order Request

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  • Title – Name of the work order.
  • Description – Describe the work that needs to be performed in greater detail.
  • Priority – Determine the priority of the work – High, Medium, Low.
  • Job Types – There are 19 job type categories ranging from air conditioning to sidewalks to preventive maintenance. 

Work Order Details

From here your tenant will be able to see the work order number, status, who it’s assigned to in maintenance, and much more!

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Once the work order is created the Property Manager or Maintenance Team will be able to log in and add comments to the work order giving you time-stamped updates.

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